Mask Match (also known as Coat of Arms and More Than a Feeling) is a recurring challenge of Survivor. It debuted in Survivor: Gabon, has since appeared in Survivor: Nicaragua and Survivor: San Juan del Sur.


The contestants would be blindfolded during the challenge and must duplicate a mask with some pieces removed exactly like the mask at the starting point. The pieces are in three bags, which must be carried by the course, one at a time.


In Survivor: Gabon, the contestants must across an obstacle course (including a net) taking one bag at a time. Once they have moved three bags they must use the pieces in the bags to duplicate a Gabonese mask. Susie got lost on the course, helping Bob win.

In Survivor: Nicaragua, they would go over and under three hitching posts connected to a rope to a station where there would be a shield with various symbols on it. Then, they must memorize the symbols and take the bags of the symbols back to the start line. the castaways would have to replicate the symbols from the shield on to a second shield. The first castaway to have all the correct symbols would win. Fabio won.

In Survivor: San Juan del Sur, the challenge is used as a Hero Duel between Reed and Baylor.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"The Good Guys Should Win in the End"
Individual Immunity S17 bob t
Bob Crowley
"This Is Going to Hurt"
Individual Immunity S21 fabio t
Fabio Birza
San Juan del Sur
"Make Some Magic Happen"
Tribal Reward
(Hero Duel)
S29 alec tS29 jeremy tS29 josh t
S29 julie tS29 natalie tS29 reed tS29 wes t



  • In both seasons this challenge was used for individual immunity, each person that won ended up winning their season.
    • Coincidentally, they won by a difference of 1 vote.
    • They also won the most challenges of their season.
    • Both men held the distinction of being the oldest and youngest winners in Survivor history.
    • A woman was eliminated and a man used a Hidden Immunity Idol in that episode.
    • The time this was used in the tribal phase of the game, the eventual winner was on the winning tribe.
  • Only men competing won the challenge.


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