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Mary Sartain is a contestant from Survivor: Micronesia.

Mary started out well, positioning herself within the majority alliance of 7. Unfortunately, outsider Tracy Hughes-Wolf convinced several members of Mary's alliance to flip on her, forcing her out of the game.


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Mary Sartain is a co-owner of Statewide Financial, a real estate and financial company that, under her supervision, houses a team of loan officers, salespersons and assistants. She has worked in sales all her life. Sartain attended some college at California State, Hayward, where she took courses in art and business. She also attended real estate school and is currently in Broker School.

Sartain lived in Quito, Ecuador when she was five years old. She moved to Oahu, Hawaii, when she was 18 years old to explore island living. She eventually moved to San Francisco and then Walnut Creek, California.

Sartain's hobbies include painting, basketball and Bikram yoga. She describes herself as energetic, strong-willed and an achiever. She is most proud of realizing her potential at a very young age and having been in business since she was 19 years old. In addition to her ability to adapt mentally and physically, Sartain believes that her skills of being able to put people together (as she does in her everyday work) to create the outcome that she desires will help her go far on Survivor.

Sartain is currently single and resides in Emeryville, California, with her two Abyssinian cats, Kya and Portia. Her birth date is November 11, 1978.[1]


Mary was aligned with all seven of the tribe's younger members, but was seemingly closest to Michael "Mikey B." Bortone. This caused Joel Anderson to become suspicious of the two. After losing the second Immunity Challenge in large part to minority alliance member Chet Welch's poor performance, Mikey B. insisted to split the votes between him and another outsider, Tracy Hughes-Wolf in case Kathy Sleckman, who was sent to Exile Island, produced the Hidden Immunity Idol (Sleckman would not be targeted as she won the individual Immunity Idol on the first day). Sensing a rift within the majority alliance, Tracy coerced Joel to swerve the vote to Mary, to help him rise to power, but with an ulterior motive of saving Chet. Despite agreeing with the new plan, Joel still voted for Tracy as a failsafe, but it was proved inconsequential as Mary was blindsided in a 6-2-2 vote.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Airai First to Shore Immunity1 No Lost
Reinventing the Wheel Reward/Immunity No Won
2 Smash and Grab Reward/Immunity No Lost
Voted Out, Day 6
^1 This challenge was played for individual immunity at each tribe's first Tribal Council.

Episode Mary's
Voted Against
1 Airai Tribe Immune
2 Tracy Alexis, Chet, Erik,
Kathy, Natalie, Tracy
Voted Out, Day 6


  • Mary was formerly married to Pearl Islands contestant Ryan Opray, to whom she was introduced by fellow castaway Jon Dalton. She has since remarried, and has a daughter named Gina. She now goes by the name Mary Montane.[2]
  • Mary is the CEO of the Foxy Vida company.[3]
  • On January 9, 2010, Mary attended the Survivor 10-year anniversary party.


  • Mary had previously applied for Fiji and made it to the casting finals, but was ultimately not chosen.[4]
  • In her introduction video, Mary said her favorite castaways were Stephenie LaGrossa and Parvati Shallow.[5]
  • Mary is the first contestant to be voted out due to a failed split vote.


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