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Marvyn Leone is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Fidji.


Profile retrieved from (in French)[1]

Prénom : Marvyn
Métier : Commercial dans une start-up

Marvyn, 20 ans - Ille-et-Vilaine (35)
Marvyn a grandi plus vite que les jeunes de son âge. Adolescent, il a quitté le foyer familial, sa maman et ses frères, pour aller vivre avec sa grand-mère. Ce jeune adulte s'est construit seul ! À 20 ans, il a déjà un CDI dans une start-up. À travers Koh-Lanta, il souhaite rendre sa mère et ses frères fiers de lui.


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Voting History

Marvyn's Voting History
Episode Marvyn's
Voted Against
1 Coravu Tribe Immune
2 May Marta, May, Mel,
Thomas, Tiffany, Tugdual
Voted Out, Day 6
Returned, Day 71
3 Mel -
4 Coravu Tribe Immune
5 May -
6 Caroline -
7 Manu;
Fabian, Manu, Maxime;
Fabian, Manu, Maxime2
8 Ineligible -
Marguerite, Mélanie,
Romain, Sandrine, Sébastien;
Marguerite, Maxime, Mélanie,
Romain, Sandrine, Sébastien3
Voted Out, Day 24
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 On Day 7, Thomas was medically evacuated, and Marvyn came back into the game to replace him.
^2 In Episode 7, the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Manu and Marvyn, forcing a revote. Nobody changed their vote on the revote, forcing a rock drawing tiebreaker between the two of them. Marvyn won the draw and stayed in the game.
^3 In Episode 8, the vote ended with a 5-5 tie between Marvyn and Romain, forcing a revote. Maxime changed his vote to Marvyn on the revote, eliminating him from the game.


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