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Marian de Vos is a contestant from Survivor South Africa: Champions.


On the surface she's a well-groomed, pretty girl with a penchant for fashion – but Marian is the ultimate Survivor fan: a devious manipulator who secretly plots and schemes to get what she wants. Marion studied fashion at the College of Fashion Design in Cape Town and moved to Johannesburg two years ago to start her own business – The Doll Box.

Survivor South Africa: Champions

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Voting History

Marian's Voting History
Episode Marian's
Voted Against
2 Utara Tribe Immune
3 Utara Tribe Immune
4 Killarney -
5 Zan -
6 Utara Tribe Immune
7 Gena Gena
8 Sonette -
9 Stephen -
11 Graham;
Buhle, Solly, Vel;
Altaaf, Buhle David,
Moyra, Solly, Zavion
Voted Out, Day 19
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In Episode 10, the vote ended in a 3-3-1-0 tie between Graham and Marian, forcing a revote. Altaaf, David, Moyra, and Zavion changed their votes to Marian, eliminating her from the game.


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  • Marian is the youngest woman on the original Utara tribe.


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