Marcus Werner is a contestant from No Limite 1.


Name (Age): Marcus Werner Viana Ferreira Dias (27)
Tribe Designation: Sol
Current Residence: Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Occupation: Lawyer

Despite having practiced the profession of lawyer, he works as a representative of a firm of fitness equipment. He is the typical Carioca guy, can not live without the beach, loves sports and is concerned about having a natural evaluation. Will attend college physical education from next semester. He is very attached to family and friends. Her dream is to marry and have children. Like traveling and taking risks. He spent a year in San Diego studying English and delivering pizza.

No Limite 1

Voting History

Marcus' Voting History
Episode Marcus'
Voted Against
1 Hilca -
2 Amendoim -
3 Ilma Ilma, Pipa,
Voted Out, Day 9

Post-No Limite

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  • Marcus made lots of racist and sexist comments during his time in No Limite.
    • He called Amendoim "a nigger", which almost earned him a lawsuit for moral damage and racism, but they made peace in a television program in August 2000.
    • He baptized two black chickens that the tribe won in a reward with the names of Amendoim and Hilca.
    • He also starred in another debate after gain fame of eat-and-sleep and womanizer, after have commented that he "would take" a teammate Pipa and insinuate that had flirted with her, who was married.


  • Marcus is the youngest castaway to not make the merge in No Limite 1.


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