Marcelo "Cebola" Caminha is a contestant from No Limite 4.


Name (Age): Marcelo Caminha (26)
Tribe Designation: Manibu
Current Residence: Recife, PE
Occupation: Businessman

What is living on the edge for you?
Live in situations that take me off, either for lack of food, either for lack of comfort.
What feature from yours can hinder your stay in the game?
Short fuse.
What would make you give up the dispute?
Anything goes in the struggle for survival?
Almost everything.
Strength or strategy?
What is your asset to get to the final round?
Why do you deserve to win the show?
Because I am a person who gives his best in everything.

No Limite 4

Voting History

Cebola's Voting History
Episode Cebola's
Voted Against
1 Not In Game[1]
5 No Tribal Council
6 Bia Felipe, Jéssica,
Marcelo, Rafael
Voted Out, Day 20

^ Cebola entered the game at Day 14 as replacement for Luiz Nascimento who was disqualified.

Post-No Limite

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  • Cebola is one of three contestants named Marcelo in No Limite 4. The others are Marcelo Gaya and Marcelo Guimarães.
  • Before the start of the game, Cebola fought for the public preference in a television show against Marcelo Guimarães to become the 20th castaway in No Limite 4, but received only 36% of the votes.
  • Cebola is the highest placing contestant to only last six days in the Survivor franchise.
    • This is due to him joining the game after it had began.
  • Out of those who entered the game after its start, Cebola lasted the least amount of days, with 6.


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