The Maraamu Alliance is the majority alliance of the original Maraamu tribe of Survivor: Marquesas. This was the first alliance that five-time player Rob Mariano was a member of, and is also the original alliance of the eventual Sole Survivor of the season, Vecepia Towery.


Banding Together

On Day 6, Maraamu lost immunity for the second time. Sean Rector felt that either him or Sarah Jones would go. Vecepia Towery saw Sarah as a liability. At Tribal Council, Rob, Sean Vecepia, and Sarah banded together and voted out Patricia Jackson.

Tribe Switch

A Tribe Switch resulted in Sarah and Gina Crews remaining on Maraamu, and Rob, Sean, and Vecepia moving to Rotu. The alliance ended up losing Sarah in the process. While Rob, Vecepia, and Sean were in the minority, the three survived to the merge

The Fall of Rob

At the merge, Rob told Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien that her original tribemates were plotting to vote her out which concerned her. When John Carroll, the leader of the rival Rotu Four alliance found out about this he targeted Rob. Rob's scheming failed as he was voted out at the merged Tribal Council.

Hope for Sean and Vee

It appeared that Sean and Vecepia were next on the chopping block after Rob's elimination. However, Kathy knowing she was on the bottom of her original tribe formed the Outsiders Alliance and recruited Sean and Vecepia, and Paschal English and Neleh Dennis from the Rotu Four joined after realizing they were on the bottom of their alliance. Vecepia and Sean suddenly went from the bottom to the top. Their new alliance eliminated the members of the Rotu Four.

Vecepia's Fight

After everyone from the Rotu Four was voted out, the alliance was forced to turn on themselves. Vecepia stuck with Sean, but at Tribal Council on Day 37, Sean was voted out leaving Vecepia all alone. On Day 38, Vecepia managed to win immunity. At the Final Immunity Challenge, Vecepia tries to make a deal with Neleh by asking if she will take her to the final two if she steps off. Neleh agrees and Vecepia steps off her logs, giving Neleh individual immunity. At Tribal Council, Neleh votes out Kathy making herself and Vecepia the Final Two, Vecepia was ultimately awarded the title of Sole Survivor in a 4-3 vote.


  • Rob Mariano is the only member of the alliance to compete in more than one season.



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