Maraamu is a tribe from Survivor: Marquesas.

They are notable for being the first tribe in the series' history to have an extensive string of challenge losses. Despite their dysfunction in challenges, the tribe managed to keep their spirits up at camp. Their tribe color is yellow.


 Gina Crews
28, Gainesville, FL
Nature guide
S4 gina t
 Hunter Ellis
33, La Jolla, CA
Ex-Navy fighter pilot
S4 hunter t
 Patricia Jackson
49, Lugoff, SC
Truck assembler
S4 patricia t
 Peter Harkey
45, Millis, MA
Bowling alley owner
S4 peter t
 Rob Mariano
25, Canton, MA
Construction worker
S4 rob t
 Sarah Jones
24, Newport Beach, CA
Account manager
S4 sarah t
 Sean Rector
30, Los Angeles, CA
S4 sean t
 Vecepia Towery
35, Hayward, CA
Office manager
S4 vecepia t

 Gina Crews
S4 gina t
 Neleh Dennis
S4 neleh t
 Paschal English
S4 paschal t
 Sarah Jones
S4 sarah t

Tribe History

The Original Maraamu

On paper, it would seem that the yellow Maraamu tribe was the physically stronger tribe than the rival Rotu tribe. But due to communication improprieties in challenges and dysfunction at camp, the tribe immediately diminished down to five members after the first nine days. Peter was eliminated due to his kooky demeanor, despite creating fire using a yoga breathing technique.

Hunter, perceived as the tribe's strongest member, became the leader of Maraamu. With his cohorts, Patricia and Gina (who became fanatic of Hunter's good work ethic), they overworked the rest of the tribe. With this, Rob tried to oppose his leadership by plotting against him, causing further dissension. After losing their second Immunity Challenge, the conflict intensified between the leader and the worker bees. Rob (who felt that he let the tribe down at the challenge) created an insurgency plot against Hunter. With Hunter's alliance targeting the weak Sarah, Rob managed to get Vecepia, Sean, and Sarah's votes to eliminate the eldest member (and Hunter's ally), Patricia. Rob's alliance took total control of the tribe, though they lost another Immunity Challenge. This time, tribe leader Hunter took the fall. Gina was left alone in a precarious position as an alliance outsider.

The Underdogs

After the Day 10 tribe swap, Rob, Vecepia, and Sean were switched to the new Rotu, while Gina and Sarah welcomed the newcomers, Kathy, Paschal, and Neleh. Upon reaching camp, the tiny tribe of five bonded very well, despite initially coming from opposite tribes.

Maraamu lost yet again during the fourth Immunity Challenge, where Sarah (who was left alone, away from her alliance) was eliminated for being the most aloof of the five. After Sarah's elimination, the small tribe, now down to four members, made a huge comeback, as Maraamu finally won challenges, with three in a row, though they lost the Day 18 Immunity Challenge, sending them back to Tribal Council. After a heartbreaking Tribal Council, the last original Maraamu, Gina, was eliminated, reducing the tribe to a paltry three members.

On Day 20, the remnants of Maraamu moved to the Rotu camp for the merge.



  • The Maraamu camp had access to many natural sources of food. Their beach was abundant with fruit trees, and the tribe also eventually discovered a nest of crabs a short distance away.
  • The tribe's name is pronounced "mah-dah-AH-moo". Several of the Maraamu tribe members had difficulty pronouncing the name.
  • Maraamu is the first tribe to vote out a man at the first Tribal Council.
  • The original Maraamu tribe lost every challenge in which it competed.
  • Maraamu is the first pre-merge tribe to attend Tribal Council four times in a row.
  • After Gina Crews was voted out, Maraamu became the first tribe ever to contain none of its original members at some point during its existence.
  • After Ulong, Maraamu was ranked the second most dysfunctional tribe in Survivor history by Survivor Oz.[1]


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