The Manu Alliance is an alliance in Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

The alliance took control of the Manu tribe, eliminating its targets early on. However, constant plotting against one of its returning players, Kelley Wentworth, resulted in an air of mistrust and the elimination of Chris Underwood. After a Tribe Switch sent its remaining members to the Lesu tribe sans its last remaining target, a core trio of Kelley, Lauren O'Connell, and Wardog DaSilva emerged, voting out Rick Devens. Come the merge, Rick returned to the game from the Edge of Extinction, though the alliance failed to get back together, but managed to make it through the cracks after the opposing Kama Six alliance began targeting themselves. Eventually, the remnants of the Kama Six took back control by exploiting the cracks within the Manu Alliance to eliminate its members, culminating in Wardog leading the charge to blindside Kelley, seemingly bringing about an end to the alliance. However, after Chris returned from the Edge of Extinction on Day 35, he briefly reunited with Rick before turning on him at the final four and beating him at the fire-making challenge, subsequently winning him the game.



  • Due to the Edge of Extinction twist, this alliance is the first to produce an eventual Sole Survivor who was voted out, returned to the game, and went on to win.



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