Manu​ is a tribe from Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Consisting of strong, conflicting personalities, Manu found itself preoccupied by the political aspect of the game. As a result, the tribe failed in challenges. Misfortune haunted the tribe as five of its six remaining members were transferred to the new Lesu tribe at the Tribe Switch and continued their losing streak there. However, the tribe produced the eventual Sole Survivor, Chris Underwood, who returned from the Edge of Extinction. Their tribe color is blue.


 Chris Underwood
25, Greenville, SC
District sales manager
S38 chris t
 David Wright
44, Sherman Oaks, CA
Millennials vs. Gen X
S38 david t
 Keith Sowell
19, Durham, NC
Pre-Med student
S38 keith t
 Lauren O'Connell
21, Waco, TX
S38 lauren t
 Reem Daly
46, Ashburn, VA
Sales representative
S38 reem t
 Rick Devens
34, Macon, GA
Morning news anchor
S38 rick t
 Wardog DaSilva
38, Los Angeles, CA
Law student/Former military
S38 wardog t
 Wendy Diaz
25, Bell, CA
Small business owner
S38 wendy t

 Aubry Bracco
S38 aubry t
 Eric Hafemann
S38 eric t
 Gavin Whitson
S38 gavin t
S38 victoria t
 Wendy Diaz
S38 wendy t

Tribe History

Pre Swap Woes

As many of the tribes that competed against Joe found out the hard way, immunity wins were hard to come by. However, even with that obstacles, Manu performed poorly in challenges on their own. These repeated defeats were heightened by the emergence of three voting factions: the duo of Devens and David, the physically strong group of Wentworth, Lauren, Wardog, and Chris, and the outsiders Reem, Wendy, and Keith. The latter trio was immediately targeted due to either their weakness in challenges or their contrasting personalities to the rest of the tribe, as well as their persistence in targeting Wentworth. However, David and Devens entertained the idea of voting out Wentworth as well, but never acted on it. Instead, they voted out Reem and Keith to start the game. Things got a little trickier after the third loss on Day 8 when Chris was finally ready to turn on Wentworth. However, Chris went against David's advice and told Wardog about the plan, which caused the rest of the tribe to lose trust in Chris and they voted him out instead.

An Improbable Tribe Swap

In a rare Survivor occurrence, two of the three tribes in Lesu and Kama consisted entirely of original members of Manu and Kama respectively. Manu was the exception, with Wendy welcoming new members Victoria, Gavin, Aubry, and Eric from Kama. The tribe got along well other than Wendy's reluctance to kill the chickens. Because of that, she set the chickens free over night, much to the annoyance of the former Kama contingent. Wendy enjoyed her first Immunity Challenge win on Day 11 as the Manu tribe consisting of her former tribe members visited their fourth Tribal Council. However, an inspired Manu performance brought about a reversal of fortunes for them and came at Manu's expense, sending them to their first Tribal Council as a new tribe. Eric, Gavin, and Victoria had contemplated voting Aubry out before Wendy as the three-time Survivor player posed a bigger strategic threat. Victoria approached Aubry about voting out Gavin or Eric, though this was not a genuine conversation on the former's part. Aubry took this opportunity to bring in Wendy, but her reluctance to give an opinion on the vote that night resulted in Aubry defaulting back to targeting Wendy. Aubry contemplated using her Hidden Immunity Idol found at Kama, and also received an extra vote from Devens at the Edge of Extinction (though she didn't know that at the time). Aubry decided not to play either advantage, thinking Wendy would be voted out. However, this was a costly mistake as she was blindsided 4-1 and sent to the Edge of Extinction.

On Day 16, both Manu and Lesu were sent to Tribal Council to vote out one player as a group of eight. A chaotic Tribal Council ensued, and despite claiming that Wendy was part of their group, in the revote, Gavin, Victoria, and Eric voted out Wendy in the revote following some last minute whispers.

Merge and the Return of Rick Devens

Devens won the re-entry challenge on Day 17, meaning that the tribe would merge with 13 members, eight of which were original Kama and five original Manu. Despite this numbers disadvantage, Kama was quick to turn on their own and the game opened up, resulting in three original Kama members being voted out. From that point on, it was a scramble to take out the biggest threats available.




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