Manu​ is a tribe from Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Consisting of strong, conflicting personalities, Manu found itself preoccupied by the political aspect of the game. As a result, the tribe failed in challenges. Misfortune haunted the tribe as five of its six remaining members were transferred to the new Lesu tribe at the Tribe Switch and continued their losing streak there. However, the tribe produced the eventual Sole Survivor, Chris Underwood, who returned from the Edge of Extinction. Their tribe color is blue.


 Chris Underwood
25, Greenville, SC
District sales manager
S38 chris t
 David Wright
44, Sherman Oaks, CA
Millennials vs. Gen X
S38 david t
 Keith Sowell
19, Durham, NC
Pre-Med student
S38 keith t
 Lauren O'Connell
21, Waco, TX
S38 lauren t
 Reem Daly
46, Ashburn, VA
Sales representative
S38 reem t
 Rick Devens
34, Macon, GA
Morning news anchor
S38 rick t
 Wardog DaSilva
38, Los Angeles, CA
Law student/Former military
S38 wardog t
 Wendy Diaz
25, Bell, CA
Small business owner
S38 wendy t

 Aubry Bracco
S38 aubry t
 Eric Hafemann
S38 eric t
 Gavin Whitson
S38 gavin t
S38 victoria t
 Wendy Diaz
S38 wendy t

Tribe History

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