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Manihiki (informally known as "Hiki") is a tribe from Survivor: Cook Islands.

The tribe was composed of all African-Americans. They performed poorly in the early Immunity Challenges, placing last in the inaugural challenge and only placing third in the second as a result of the Aitutaki tribe throwing it. On Day 7, they ceased to exist along with rival tribe Puka Puka. All of the remaining castaways were shuffled into the new Aitutaki and Rarotonga. Their tribe color is yellow.


Nate Gonzalez
25, Playa del Rey, CA
Shoe salesman
S13 nate t.png
Rebecca Borman
34, Laurelton, NY
Make-up artist
S13 rebecca t.png
Sekou Bunch
45, Los Angeles, CA
Jazz musician
S13 sekou t.png
Stephannie Favor
35, Columbia, SC
Nursing student
S13 stephannie t.png
Sundra Oakley
31, Los Angeles, CA
S13 sundra t.png

Tribe History

The women of Manihiki construct a shelter.

The African-American Manihiki tribe started the game with a cheer of "represent," eager to represent African-Americans and win the game for their race. However, the seemingly unified tribe quickly splintered due to the variety of headstrong personas in their midst: Sekou Bunch, in particular, quickly took over the tribe, with shoe salesman Nate Gonzalez as his second-in-command. This division along gender lines would later be noted by the women in the tribe. Rebecca Borman, meanwhile, struck up a quick friendship with actress Sundra Oakley. The pair would prove instrumental in finding the tribe's water source.

Fire was a constant stumbling block for Manihiki, and Sekou's bumbling attempts at leadership rubbed the women of the tribe the wrong way. The situation was exacerbated when Sekou began to take naps in the tribe's outrigger. At this point, Rebecca and Sundra began actively campaigning for the tribe leader's dismissal.

On Day 3, the tribes competed in the first Immunity Challenge, which involved putting together a boat, retrieving a flag at sea, returning to the beach, and completing a puzzle. Manihiki came in last and was tasked with choosing the first castaway to be sent to Exile Island. Taking it upon themselves to make the decision, Nate and Sekou stepped away from the women and selected Jonathan Penner of the Caucasian Rarotonga tribe, for stealing a chicken from the members of Puka Puka as the game started.

Using the men's unilateral decision as leverage against them, Rebecca and Sundra attempted to persuade Stephannie Favor to vote out Sekou at that evening's Tribal Council. Stephannie, however, was hesitant to become the third wheel in an alliance that might dispose of her later on and feared that eliminating the stronger men from the equation might ruin the tribe's chances in future challenges. Fighting her doubts, Stephannie voted along with the women at the first Tribal Council, and Sekou was eliminated 3-2.

Manihiki received a flint following Tribal Council, and on Day 4, Rebecca sparked the flame that would become the Manihiki tribe's first fire. Nate was careful to lay low over the next three days, wanting to prove himself useful as the last man remaining on the tribe. In spite of his added strength, Manihiki performed poorly at the Day 6 Immunity Challenge, and would likely have lost were it not for the Hispanic Aitutaki tribe throwing the challenge to be rid of Billy Garcia.

On Day 7, the Manihiki tribe was dissolved and its members were shuffled, along with the other castaways, into the newly reformed Rarotonga and Aitutaki tribes. Nate, Rebecca, and Stephannie all became members of the new Rarotonga. Sundra was the lone Manihiki member to join Aitutaki.



  • Nate Gonzalez nicknamed the female members of the tribe "the Supremes".
  • Manihiki contained the first and last person voted out of the game.


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