Malika "Mama" El Fayed is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Vanuatu.


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  • 33 ans
  • Savoie
  • Directrice d'un centre de vacances
  • Taille: 1m64
  • Poids: 58 kg


During the marooning, Mama tripped when jumping off the boat and landed in the water on her back. After the tribes were assigned, her back pain worsened when she climbed the rope in the first Reward Challenge. As a result of her back pain, Mama had difficulty sitting and sleeping during the first night and Nathalie Bella felt that she was now one of the weakest links of the Mosso tribe, along with Estelle Granger. A few days later, Mama had an argument with Nicolas Maire about the tribe's fire. When Mama commented that her husband would be laughing about their argument if he were there, Nicolas commented that her husband is a know-it-all, which prompted Mama to claim that, even though they were arguing, he shouldn't have insulted her husband as she hadn't insulted anyone in his family. During the third Reward Challenge, which was the Buggin' Out challenge, Mama and Mika Tailleur, who were sitting out, noted that Nathalie was signalling to the Tana tribe that they should choose Estelle to compete in the final face-off. In response, Nathalie claimed that she had formed an alliance with a couple of the girls from the Tana tribe before the tribes were assigned to prepare for when the tribes would merge. During the third Immunity Challenge, Mama felt cramps in her left leg and sat out for a good portion of the challenge, which the Mosso tribe lost. At Tribal Council, though the alliance of Nathalie, Catherine Brun, and Nicolas voted against Mama for her difficulty performing in challenges, the rest of the tribe sided with Mama and Nathalie was voted out for her bossiness. Unfortunately for Mama, she was permanently evacuated from the game the next day because the medic determined that her left leg injury that she had sustained in the previous Immunity Challenge was too painful for her to continue. Her unorthodox elimination allowed for Nathalie to return to the game in her place.

Voting History

Mama's Voting History
Episode Mama's
Voted Against
1 Mosso Tribe Immune
2 Mosso Tribe Immune
3 Nathalie Catherine,
Nathalie, Nicolas
4 No Tribal Council
Evacuated, Day 10

Post Koh-Lanta



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