The Malakal Couples Alliance was an alliance on Survivor: Micronesia comprised of two couples on the Malakal tribe: Ozzy Lusth and Amanda Kimmel, and James Clement and Parvati Shallow. The alliance then gained a fifth member on Day 8 in Cirie Fields.

All five members made it to the merge, but the three women broke off and formed the Black Widow Brigade, eventually becoming the last three castaways standing.



The original members of the alliance included two pairs of contestants from the same season: Ozzy and Parvati from Cook Islands, and James and Amanda from China. Despite Ozzy having voted Parvati out and Amanda blindsiding James in their respective seasons, they remained friends and they all got along together. It then escalated to romantic feelings between Ozzy and Amanda and James and Parvati. Although James and Parvati only flirted, Ozzy and Amanda had a more serious relationship, to the extent of making out, which was noticeable to other members of the Malakal tribe.

The Swing Vote

After the Malakal tribe unanimously voted off Jonny Fairplay, they competed with the rival alliance of Yau-Man Chan, Jonathan Penner, Ami Cusack, and Eliza Orlins over swing vote Cirie. Cirie was cautious of both alliances; on one hand, the couples looked tight, but on the other hand, she couldn't trust Jonathan and she deemed Yau-Man a big threat. Parvati and Amanda managed to secure Cirie's vote by promising that they would go to the final three together, saying that they were well aware they couldn't beat Ozzy or James in a jury vote situation. Cirie accepted, replying "I don't care if James proposes to you (Parvati) or if you (Amanda) and Ozzy have little Ozlets, it's us three to the end". Cirie told the rest of the alliance that they needed to vote Yau-Man off before he could be sent to Exile Island, fearing he'd easily find the Hidden Immunity Idol. However, Ozzy wanted to vote out Eliza who was weaker in challenges, and this frustrated James, because Cirie was supposed to be the swing vote and now she's trying to take charge. Despite the reluctancy and Jonathan's desperate attempts to get Cirie on his side, the couples alliance succeeded in voting out Yau-Man.

Total Domination

After a tribe switch occurred on Day 13, Amanda, Cirie, and Ozzy stayed on Malakal while James and Parvati moved over to Airai. Immediately after losing the Day 14 Immunity Challenge, new tribe mates, Erik Reichenbach and Joel Anderson approached the alliance about voting out the perceived weakest members, Chet Welch, Cirie, and Tracy Hughes-Wolf. Overhearing the conversation, Cirie talked to the remnants of the Older Airai Alliance and they decided to vote for Joel. Cirie then told Amanda and Ozzy that it would be better to vote out Joel instead of Chet as Joel was the bigger threat come later in the game, and that Chet could be used as a pawn for future strategic votes. She also expressed discomfort that if the weaker members of the tribe were to be voted out, she would be voted off soon after Chet. Cirie's argument convinced them and Ami, and Joel was blindsided in a 6–2 vote.

Losing their second consecutive Immunity Challenge on Day 17, Chet told the tribe to vote him out as he couldn't continue in the game because of an injury. At Tribal Council, Chet went next in a 6-2 vote. Tracy soon followed after Malakal lost their third challenge in a row on Day 20. Although, Amanda, Ami, and Cirie wanted to keep her over Erik, Ozzy bonded with him and convinced them to vote her out in a unanimous 5-1 vote.

Losing another challenge on Day 21, the alliance had no choice but to vote out Ami as she had been strategizing previously with the Fans to blindside Ozzy.

At the merge, the alliance regrouped with their respective new allies and eliminated Eliza Orlins in a 8-2 vote.


After Eliza's oust, Parvati created a new all-girls alliance with Alexis, Cirie, Natalie, and later Amanda. Cirie managed to convince the girls and Jason Siska to vote out Ozzy as, he was a huge physical threat and had an idol. At the following Tribal Council, Ozzy was blindsided in a 5-4 vote.




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