Maku Maku is the merged tribe of Mana​ and Nuku​ from Survivor: Game Changers. Their tribe color is yellow.


 Andrea Boehlke
S34 andrea t.png
 Aubry Bracco
S34 aubry t.png
 Brad Culpepper
S34 brad t.png
 Cirie Fields
S34 cirie t.png
 Debbie Wanner
S34 debbie t.png
 Hali Ford
S34 hali t.png
 Michaela Bradshaw
S34 michaela t.png
 Ozzy Lusth
S34 ozzy t.png
 Sarah Lacina
S34 sarah t.png
 Sierra Dawn Thomas
S34 sierra t.png
 Tai Trang
S34 tai t.png
 Troyzan Robertson
S34 troyzan t.png
 Zeke Smith
S34 zeke t.png

Tribe History

The 13 members of this tribe entered the merge originally in three factions: the united Nuku tribe having recently endured an emotional Tribal Council, particularly for Zeke (who shortly after the merge came out as transgender to the rest of the merge tribe members), Brad and Sierra 's majority post swap Mana, and the outsiders from said tribe Hali and Michaela. Jeff presented the castaways with a twist: two players must volunteer to sit out of the merge feast so that everyone else could enjoy it. Brad and Tai volunteered, and the rest of the tribe displayed their gratitude. Though 11 players had their targets set on Hali and Michaela, two new groups emerged. On alliance contained Brad, Sierra, Tai, Debbie, and Troyzan, who wanted to keep Hali. The other consisted of Andrea, Cirie, Aubry, Ozzy, Zeke, and Sarah (though Sarah had allegiances to both alliances), and preferred to keep Michaela, particularly after Cirie bonded with her. Ultimately Andrea and Cirie's alliance got there way at the initial vote, sending Hali to the jury. However, from that point on, a series of blindsides would ensue in no small part to Sarah's flipping. She joined Brad and Sierra's alliance in blindsiding Ozzy on Day 24 after narrowly losing to Tai in the Immunity Challenge. At that same vote, Debbie used her extra vote. The following round of voting saw Debbie go on a power trip, which angered many players, particularly Andrea and Aubry. They wished to target Debbie, but this would not only mean Sarah flipping again (after receiving word that Sierra wanted to go to the final 3 with her) but also Andrea and Zeke reconciling after Zeke targeted Andrea and Andrea voted for Zeke at the Ozzy vote. Ultimately, Debbie was voted out 6-5. Despite Sarah's flipping, her social game had Zeke and Sierra believing she was tight with them, only for them to be the next two eliminated. In that period, Sarah obtained a vote steal (which Michaela ignored despite being it being near the sit out bench where she sat out a Reward Challenge) and a legacy advantage which Sierra willed to her after being voted out.

Following Sierra's departure and Tai's alienation from Brad and Troyzan, it appeared to be a clear 6-2 divide in the final eight. However, Sarah's acting at the previous tribal and Andrea's rising threat status added to the temptation for the alliance to turn on each other. Also, Michaela and Brad's rivalry heated up, as Brad took offense to Michaela saying he should catch fish to stay in the game. Aubry won immunity, but unfortunately for her, a simple vote against Brad turned into a blindside at Andrea's expense in which Aubry was left out of. This proved to be a costly mistake by Cirie's alliance as Brad would win the remaining Immunity Challenges. To make matters worse, Cirie failed in using Sarah's vote steal, resulting in Sarah taking action and blindsiding Michaela. However, with a bit of damage control, the heat Cirie took for that move was redirected toward Tai for playing both sides, and Brad made his disappointment in Tai very clear. Brad even gave Tai an ultimatum that he would play an idol at the next vote and give Brad the second one. Tai refused, and with Sarah firmly with Brad and Troyzan, the final 6 appeared to be locked in a 3-3 power struggle. It was ultimately resolved by "Advantagegeddon", more specifically the simultaneous use of three idols to keep Tai, Aubry, and Troyzan safe, and the legacy advantage to keep Sarah safe. With Brad holding individual immunity, Cirie's fourth attempt at the title of Sole Survivor would fall three days short even though she didn't receive any votes that night.

Cirie's elimination put Aubry and Tai at Sarah's mercy for the rest of the game. On Day 37, Aubry pitched to Sarah that her chances of getting to the end would improve if Troyzan was no longer in the game, as he and Brad were the two tightest players remaining. Sarah however was content to take her chances, and finally sent Aubry to the jury after a long whirlwind journey, much of which was without power. The mostly onesided conflict between Brad and Tai remained strong, even to the point where Brad considered little other strategic option besides targeting Tai, which played into Sarah's hands. On Day 38 with Brad immune for the fifth time in six Tribal Councils, Tai attempted the same move Aubry suggested in taking out Troyzan. Although Sarah was worried about the possibility of her receiving two votes, her trust in Brad and Troyzan was rewarded and she joined them in taking out Tai to complete the jury.

At Final Tribal Council, Zeke and Michaela were vocal supporters of Sarah's hardcore strategic gameplay, where as Ozzy and Debbie praised Brad's more honest and physical approach. Troyzan was largely ignored as he was perceived as following Brad's coattails for the entire post merge. As the night went on, Sarah's criticisms for abusing friendships to further herself would be overshadowed by how Brad treated Michaela and Tai and perhaps his lack of strategic ideas once Sierra was voted out. Brad received three votes from Sierra, Debbie, and Ozzy, but the rest of the women plus Zeke and Tai awarded Sarah the seven votes she needed to become the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Game Changers.




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