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Newtorch Edge of Extinction Standings Newtorch
Merged Tribe
S38 aurora t
Merged Tribe
S38 david t
Merged Tribe
S38 eric t
Merged Tribe
S38 gavin t
Merged Tribe
S38 joe t
Merged Tribe
S38 julia t
Merged Tribe
S38 julie t
Merged Tribe
S38 kelley t
Merged Tribe
S38 lauren t
Merged Tribe
S38 ron t
Merged Tribe
S38 victoria t
Merged Tribe
S38 wardog t
On Extinction
S38 wendy t
On Extinction
S38 aubry t
On Extinction
S38 rick t
On Extinction
S38 chris t
On Extinction
S38 keith t
On Extinction
S38 reem t
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Chaboga Mogo is a tribe in Survivor: All-Stars.

The game's first 9-person tribe, Chaboga Mogo was characterized by the divide between the Chapera-Saboga majority and the Mogo Mogo minority, with the latter getting systematically eliminated. Multiple betrayals within the tribe resulted in a hostile Final Tribal Council between the final two, Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich, and the jury, with Amber taking the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.


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