Mélanie Guyon is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Palawan.

Melanie has made her team very tired because of her plaintive nature and the fact that she talks about food all the time.


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Du haut de ses 24 ans, Mélanie est une coiffeuse très avenante, qui adore rire et faire rire. Cette fille, c'est de la vitamine ! Mélanie est le genre de filles sans complexe, qui a toujours la pêche.


Mélanie was selected by Jade Handi to be a member of the Batang tribe. When Ali Jaffar quit the game on Day 5, Pascale Bodin returned to the game in his place. Pascale was annoyed by Mélanie when the latter talked about how she was craving for food from home, which is why the former voted against the latter after the Batang tribe lost the second Immunity Challenge. However, Pascale failed to integrate herself into the well-unified Batang tribe and, in turn, she was voted out unanimously. Though Pascale was voted out, it was noted by the rest of the tribe that Mélanie herself performed poorly in the previous Immunity Challenge. In the third cycle, Marie-Laure Dagniaux took the heat for her laziness around camp and she was voted out unanimously after the Batang tribe lost the third Immunity Challenge.

When the Batang tribe won the fourth Reward Challenge on Day 11, they were rewarded with the right to permanently kidnap one of the members of the Guntao tribe as part of a tribe switch. The Batang tribe chose Érick Africaa, who up until then was the leader of the Guntao tribe. Like Pascale before him, Érick initially had difficulty integrating himself into the Batang tribe, however, his strength in challenges and his charismatic demeanour soon boosted his rapport with his new tribemates and more of them felt that he deserved to stay. When Mélanie performed mediocrely again in both challenges of the fourth cycle, many of her tribemates felt that she lacked the competitive spirit that most of them, especially Jade, had for the game. This perception, along with Érick's respected status, resulted in most of the tribe voting Mélanie out instead of Érick after losing the fourth Immunity Challenge.

Voting History

Mélanie's Voting History
Episode Mélanie's
Voted Against
1 Batang Tribe Immune
2 Pascale Pascale
3 Marie-Laure -
4 Patrick Érick, Jade,
Kevin, Maryline, Simon
Voted Out, Day 13




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