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A Luxury Item is a personal memento brought from home for contestants to alleviate boredom while on location.


Introduced during the first season, castaways were actively encouraged to use their luxury items to help benefit their tribes. Over time, Luxury Items became less of an item to feature in favor of contestants talking strategy and after The Amazon, they have only been featured occasionally.

Panama and Heroes vs. Villains reintroduced these luxuries to the tribes at a Reward Challenge, with the winners being able to take them back to their tribe's camp.

During Redemption Island, South Pacific, and Blood vs. Water when a player was sent to Redemption Island, they would receive their Luxury Item. Upon a player being eliminated, it became optional for them to leave their item for the reigning champion.

During the third challenge of Kaôh Rōng, the tribe that finished first was given a choice of the tribe members' Luxury Items or a set of comfort items. Whatever the winning tribe did not pick was won by the second placing tribe.


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