Ludovic "Ludo" Laresche is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Vanuatu and Koh-Lanta: Le Combat des Héros.


Profile retrieved from[1][2]

  • 28 ans
  • Doubs
  • Fromager
  • Taille: 1m78
  • Poids: 77 kg
  • Vos centres d'intérêt et sports pratiqués? Vélo, Course à pied, ski, Natation
  • Votre principale qualité? Tolérance, endurance, gros mental
  • Votre principal défaut? Trop gentil et exigent
  • Vos motivations pour participer à Koh-Lanta: Le dépassement de soi et apprendre à mieux se connaître
  • Avez-vous un modèle de candidat issu des éditions précédentes de Koh-Lanta? Non
  • Résumez votre aventure dans Koh-Lanta à un titre de film: Le Grand Bleu
  • Ce qui vous a le plus manqué dans l'aventure Koh-Lanta: Mes proches
  • Citez ceux dont vous vous êtes senti le plus proche dans l'aventure Koh-Lanta: Sébastien et Nicolas
  • En quoi l'aventure Koh-Lanta vous a-t-elle changé? Je me suis endurcit
  • Pour moi ça craint plutôt: Dans l'eau
  • Insectes, scorpions, serpents...: Même pas peur!
  • Très froid, très chaud...: Pas de problème, j'm'adapte
  • Manger un jour sur deux...: Pas grave, c'est l'aventure
  • Tiens un fruit que je ne connais pas...: J'y touche surtout pas, il est peut-être toxique!
  • Dormir à 12 dans le même abri...: Cela renforce l'amitié
  • A Koh lanta....: Tous pour un et un pour tous !
  • Avec deux morceaux de bois...: J'allume un feu
  • Fatigue, promiscuité, faim, loin des miens...: J'ai toujours le moral
  • Si je me fais éliminer...: C'est comme ça et bon courage à ceux qui restent !

Profile retrieved from[3] 40 ans, Doubs (25), Directeur d'une usine fromagère Ludovic repense tous les jours à son échec à l'Orientation, depuis 11 ans. Il ne s'est toujours pas remis d'avoir raté cette occasion unique d'atteindre les Poteaux. Koh-Lanta l'a fait mûrir, et cela l'a aidé professionnellement: il a appris à manager. Il est aujourd'hui directeur d'usine. Il a aussi eu 2 enfants qui font son bonheur. Revenir c'est prendre sa revanche sur cet échec personnel; il veut retourner à l'Orientation, et cette fois réussir. Son parcours précédent: Koh-Lanta Vanuatu 2006, éliminé à l'Orientation



A member of the Tana tribe, Ludovic got along well with François-David Cardonnel and Nico Le Duc and considered them his buddies. Right after the tribes were assigned, the two tribes competed in their first Reward Challenge for fire in the form of three matches, which Tana won. Upon arriving to their beach, the Tana tribe debated over what their priorities were for camp life, but soon after, Karine Amorsi and Gaëlle Zanetton found the tribe's water well. Though this issue was now resolved, the tribe was divided over whether they should try to light a fire then or work on the shelter. The Tana tribe failed twice at starting a fire before competing in the first Immunity Challenge, which they lost, but finally succeeded at this with their final match the day of Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, Karine was eliminated as half of the Tana tribe voted against Karine for her lack of affinity with them and for seeming out of her element. Sébastien Roullé incorporated himself well socially with the other three men, especially Ludovic, and it seemed to be that the four would form a voting bloc against the three women at any of Tana's subsequent Tribal Councils. However, the three women approached François-David with the idea of him forming an alliance with them, to which he agreed, and the foursome blindsided Sébastien at the next Tribal Council when their tribe lost the second Immunity Challenge. The next day, Ludovic and Nico called François-David a traitor for his move against the men's alliance, but François-David claimed that he had never formally committed himself to the men in terms of allegiance and, for this reason, had no qualms in forming an alliance with the women. A small rivalry was formed between François-David and Ludovic that remained for a good portion of the season, beginning with the latter emasculating the former. When the Tana tribe lost the fourth Immunity Challenge, Ludovic, who the women had originally considered forming an alliance with before forming one with François-David instead, became the majority alliance's target for elimination. However, because Marie Bayard had a soft spot for Ludovic, their target switched to Nico and he was eliminated at the corresponding Tribal Council. When the Tana tribe won the fifth Reward Challenge on Day 13, they were rewarded with the right to permanently kidnap one of the members of the Mosso tribe as part of a tribe switch. Ludovic, who was seen as the leader of the Tana tribe during that challenge, was told by Denis Brogniart to make the decision for his tribe. Ludovic chose Sébastien, who had just returned to the game on the Mosso tribe in Nicolas Maire's place on Day 12 due to the Nicolas being evacuated and eliminated because he had contracted both a knee infection and gastroenteritis. The Tana tribe won the remaining tribal Immunity Challenges and its six members were fairly unified come the merge, with the exception of some minor conflicts, especially between François-David and Ludovic. Before the tribes merged, Nathalie Bella and Gaëlle were selected as the Ambassadors for their respective tribes and visited their rivals' camps. While away from their tribes, Gaëlle talked to the Mosso tribe members about their camp, which she considered superior to her tribe's own, and Nathalie talked to the Tana tribe members about working with them strategically going forward, though the Tana tribe members were left somewhat confused because Nathalie first claimed that she would write down Alain Ponton's name at the Ambassadors' Meeting and that they should vote him out at the merged tribe's first Tribal Council, but then claimed that she would instead go for a draw because she didn't have the heart to write any of her tribemates' names down. Ultimately, at the Ambassadors' Meeting, Nathalie and Gaëlle decided upon Estelle Granger, to Nathalie's reluctance. Upon finishing second in the first individual Immunity Challenge, Estelle was eliminated by the original Tana members at the merged tribe's first Tribal Council. Over the next few cycles, Ludovic would sustain a couple of injuries including a sprained knee at the Final Nine individual Immunity Challenge and a mild burn as a result of being too close to the tribe's fire at the Final Seven. At the Final Nine, Nathalie tried to shake things up by telling François-David and Émilie Frahi that they were at the bottom of their alliance in order to turn the original Tana tribe members against each other. This failed and Nathalie's attempts at getting Catherine, who didn't want to get involved, to back up her claims led to conflict and a fractured friendship between the two. After these events, the original Tana tribe members debated over whether they should vote out their original intended target Alain, for his strength in challenges, or Nathalie, for being the source of drama around camp, at the merge tribe's second Tribal Council. After some tense discussion, especially between François-David and Gaëlle and François-David and Ludovic, they settled on Nathalie and she was voted out unanimously. When the remaining eight contestants were offered their letters from home in exchange for food, the original Tana tribe members entered another conflict over how much food the merged tribe should offer, a decision of which the original Mosso tribe members decided not to give any input. Gaëlle wanted to offer up all of their food and she rallied support from Marie and Émilie. Meanwhile, the alliance's men wanted to keep a bunch of bananas. The alliance's women had their way, though Marie soon regretted supporting that move because this meant that she had prepared the tribe's crabs, which were now offered up for trade, earlier for nothing. Alain and Catherine Brun were pagonged at the next two Tribal Councils, respectively, leaving the original Tana tribe members to begin turning on each other at the Final Six. At this point, the Final Six were divided into three pairs of friendships: Marie and Gaëlle, François-David and Émilie, and Ludovic and Sébastien. Sensing that she would be a strategic threat down the road and disliking her lack of generosity over the past few cycles, the latter two pairs voted out Gaëlle at the next Tribal Council. They were surprised, however, to learn that Marie, who knew that Gaëlle would be eliminated anyway, voted against her as well as they had figured that she would've voted in a different direction out of sympathy for Gaëlle. At the Final Five, Ludovic won the Reward Challenge for the second time in a row and, unlike the time before where he shared his reward with his closest ally Sébastien, he shared his reward with François-David in order to bury the hatchet with him. Ludovic made it to the finale where he was eliminated at the Final Four after losing the Orientation challenge.

Voting History

Ludovic's Voting History
Episode Ludovic's
Voted Against
1 Émilie -
2 Émilie -
3 Tana Tribe Immune
4 François-David -
5 Tana Tribe Immune
6 Tana Tribe Immune
7 Estelle Catherine, Estelle
8 Nathalie -
9 Alain Individual Immunity
10 Catherine Catherine
11 Gaëlle -
12 Marie -
13 Lost Challenge1
Eliminated, Day 39
Vote for
Sole Survivor

^1 At the final four, the remaining castaways competed in an elimination challenge. Ludovic came in last and was eliminated.

Le Combat des Héros

Voting History

Ludovic's Voting History
Episode Ludovic's
Voted Against
1 Julie -
Chantal -
2 Raphaële -
3 Cédric -
4 Tribe Immune
5 Tribe Immune
6 Ineligible Dylan, Yassin
Voted Out, Day 17

Post Koh-Lanta



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