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John Louie Ang is a contestant from Survivor Philippines: Palau.


Louie Ang, an I.T. professional, is a typical guy-next-door, living his happy-go-lucky life with a constant goofy grin on his face. "I have no drama in life", Louie quips in English when asked if he has ever faced a real tough challenge in his life. His main reason for joining Survivor Philippines: Palau could not be any simpler, "It's been a long time I wanted to join, to see myself on television", Louie said in English. When asked to describe himself, Louie declares that he is a "chickboy" and "bad boy". As a "chickboy" Louie admits that at one point, he had five simultaneous girlfriends—and he was able to keep it a secret for a long time, until somebody messed with his Facebook account. As a "bad boy," Louie figured in quite a number of fistfights during his college days—one such incident even got caught on video and was posted online. And why did he do it? "It feels good", he recalls in English. For Survivor: Palau (Philippines), Louie would like to test his people skills by being an unlikely and covert leader.

Survivor: Palau (Philippines)

Voting History

Louie's Voting History
Cycle Louie's
Voted Against
1 Justine -
2 Carol -
3 Koror Tribe Immune
4 Vlad Troy, Vlad
5 Troy -
6 Tara Charles, Cris,
Mika, Tara
Voted Out, Day 18
7 On Isla Purgatoryo
Eliminated, Day 19


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  • Louie is the oldest male of the Koror tribe.
  • Louie is the lowest-placing male from the Koror tribe.
    • Louie is the only male from Koror to not make the merge.


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