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Losing Face (also known as Nutslinger, Bail Out, Box Car Blues, Ball-istic Missiles, Heroes End, Ramplified and Knock One Back) is a recurring Survivor challenge that debuted in Survivor: South Pacific. While the obstacle course section of the challenge varies between seasons, the final portion of the challenge involves hitting targets with slingshots.


The castaways must race across a series of obstacles before getting to a slingshot at the end of the course. Using the slingshot and the provided ammunition, the castaways would attempt to knock down a number of targets. The first tribe to knock down all their targets wins.


United States[]

In South Pacific, three castaways from each tribe had to assemble a wheelbarrow and then push the wheelbarrow around a series of obstacles. Along the way, they would stop at two stations and collect a load of coconuts. The three other castaways would then disassemble the wheelbarrow and reassemble it into a sling shot. They would use the coconuts as ammunition for the slingshot to knock down six targets. The Upolu tribe had a huge lead, but fell behind when Mikayla Wingle kept missing the targets allowing the Savaii tribe to stage a comeback and win reward and immunity, sending Upolu to Tribal Council.

In Millennials vs. Gen X, the castaways had to throw coconuts into a basket; once enough coconuts were in the basket, a scale would tip, releasing three two-digit numbers; one castaway would then use the numbers to solve a combination lock and unlock a slingshot. The castaways would then use the slingshot to launch sandbags at targets. The Takali tribe easily came in first, while Vanua came from behind, winning both tribes immunity and sending Ikabula to their first Tribal Council.

In Game Changers, the castaways had to go up and over a large wall before three members of each tribe would tumble a large timber cube towards a stand. One castaway would get atop the cube and retrieve a key. The two other tribemates would use the key to unlock a crate of 100 sandbags. They then had to carry these sandbags across an uneven balance beam. Finally, the tribes had to use these sandbags as ammunition for a slingshot to knock down five wooden targets. In a closely fought challenge, the Mana tribe came in first and Tavua in second to win immunity, sending Nuku to Tribal Council.

In David vs. Goliath, two members of each tribe had to use poles to knock out sandbags from an overhanging net. Once they had all their sandbags, they then had to untie a slingshot. Each tribe would have to use the slingshot to get the sandbags into two baskets, which would raise a flag. The Vuku tribe came from behind to finish first, while Jabeni narrowly defeated Tiva for second, winning both tribes reward.

The original mechanics in South Pacific were reused in Edge of Extinction, where three members of each tribe had to assemble a wheelbarrow, then navigate through the course while untying a series of knots to collect two batches of sandbags. The other four members must disassemble the wheelbarrow and reassemble it to create a slingshot and knock down four targets. Although the tribes were relatively even throughout the course, Manu took the lead when Kama had difficulty taking apart their wheelbarrow, allowing Manu to pull ahead and claim their first victory.

In Island of the Idols, six members of each tribe had to transport a sled loaded with sandbags and ridden by their last member down a track and through a series of obstacles. On the way, the rider must retrieve a key, use it to unlock a slingshot, then use the slingshot to knock down three targets. The tribes were neck and neck going into the slingshot portion, but Vokai's Aaron Meredith was able to hit all his targets before Lairo's Jack Nichting to win reward for Vokai.

In Winners at War, the challenge was used as an unaired Reward Challenge on Day 17. Press photos indicate that the variation used was similar to Ball-istic Missiles, as previously used in David vs. Goliath. It was revealed that Yara came in first and Sele came in second to win reward.[1]

In Survivor 41, three members of each tribe had to work together to climb over a net obstacle. Once across, one member had to unbraid three ropes to release a key they would need to unlock a machete and chop a rope, releasing sandbags. They must then use a slingshot to knock down two targets. Although Luvu was the first to reach the slingshot portion, Yase was able to catch up and finish first, with Luvu finishing second, sending Ua, which failed to knock down a single target, to their third consecutive Tribal Council.

The mechanics employed in Survivor 41 were reused in Survivor 42. Ika got out to an early lead, winning the challenge before either Taku or Vati had released their keys. Although Taku struggled in releasing their keys, Jonathan Young managed to hit both targets first, sending Vati to their second Tribal Council.

The challenge appeared as the fifth and final tribal Immunity Challenge of Survivor 45. Three members of each tribe had to traverse a three-story tower obstacle, collecting keys along the way. A fourth member would then use one key to unlock a hook, which they would use to release a bag of sandbags, which they would fire from a slingshot to knock down three targets. Reba and Lulu placed first and second respectively to win immunity and a reward of fish, while Belo lost their only Immunity Challenge and headed to Tribal Council.

The Survivor 45 variant of the challenge reappeared as the fifth Immunity Challenge of Survivor 46. As usual, Nami held the lead throughout the challenge and scored a first-place finish, winning a spread of pastries and fruit alongside immunity. Yanu fell into their familiar position as laggards, but managed to catch up to Siga on the slingshot. With one target left apiece, Yanu's Q Burdette managed to knock over the target before Siga's Tim Spicer, finally bringing his tribe's losing streak to an end and sending Siga to their first Tribal Council.


The challenge appeared as the tenth Immunity Challenge in Brains v Brawn (2021). The tribes began by dragging a sled under a net and to an overhead post, where the tribe would collect their first batch of sandbags. The tribe will continue dragging their sled up a ramp to another post to collect a second batch of sandbags. One tribe member will then throw the sandbags through a net tunnel; once all eighty sandbags are in the tunnel, the tribe will push the sandbags through the tunnel and set them on a table. The tribe will then fire the sandbags with a slingshot to break five tile targets. Brawn held a steady lead throughout the challenge, but Emmett Pugh's valiant efforts managed to help the Brains even up the score on the slingshot. In the end, Simon Mee pulled off yet another victory for Brawn by breaking the fifth tile first, sending the Brains back to Tribal Council.




Episode Challenge Type Winners
Australian Survivor (2016)
Episode 5
Tribal Immunity AUS3 el tAUS3 kat tAUS3 kristie t
AUS3 lee tAUS3 phoebe tAUS3 rohan t
All Stars
Episode 12
Tribal Immunity AUS7 david tAUS7 jacqui tAUS7 lee tAUS7 moana t
AUS7 nick tAUS7 sharn tAUS7 tarzan tAUS7 zach t
Brains v Brawn (2021)
Episode 10
Tribal Immunity AUS8 andrew tAUS8 baden tAUS8 chelsea tAUS8 dani t
AUS8 flick tAUS8 hayley tAUS8 simon tAUS8 wai t
Blood v Water
Episode 10
Tribal Reward/Immunity AUS9 david tAUS9 jordan tAUS9 jordie t
AUS9 josh tAUS9 mark tAUS9 mel tAUS9 shay t
Heroes v Villains
Episode 10
Tribal Immunity AUS10 benjamin tAUS10 flick tAUS10 george t
AUS10 gerry tAUS10 matt tAUS10 shonee tAUS10 stevie t
Heroes (Australia)

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Survivor Québec (2023)
Episode 1
Tribal Reward QCS1 christophe tQCS1 isabelle tQCS1 jeanjunior t
QCS1 joel tQCS1 johannie tQCS1 kimberly tQCS1 marika t
QCS1 sandrine tQCS1 sango tQCS1 simon t
Survivor Québec (2024)
Episode 13
Tribal Immunity QCS2 dominic tQCS2 erick tQCS2 ghyslain t
QCS2 gwladys tQCS2 jeanmichel tQCS2 kassandre tQCS2 nabil t




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