Lopevi is a tribe from Survivor: Vanuatu.

Lopevi was the second team to ever comprise of men, a struggle for power emerged between the younger members and the powerful older men known as the "Fat Five."


 Brady Finta
33, Huntington Beach, CA
FBI agent
S9 brady t
 Brook Geraghty
27, Winthrop, MA
Document manager
S9 brook t
 Chad Crittenden
34, Oakland, CA
S9 chad t
 Chris Daugherty
33, South Vienna, OH
Highway construction worker
S9 chris t
 John Kenney
22, Los Angeles, CA
Mechanical bull operator
S9 johnk t
 John Palyok
31, Los Angeles, CA
Sales manager
S9 johnp t
 Lea Masters
40, Columbia, SC
Drill sergeant
S9 lea t
 Rory Freeman
35, Des Moines, IA
Housing case manager
S9 rory t
 Travis Sampson
33, Johnson City, TN
Security officer
S9 travis t

S9 chad t
S9 chris t
 John Kenney
S9 johnk t
S9 julie t
 Lea Masters
S9 lea t
S9 twila t

Tribe History

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