Lopevi is a tribe from Survivor: Vanuatu.

Lopevi was the second team to ever comprise of men, a struggle for power emerged between the younger members and the powerful older men known as the "Fat Five." Their tribe color is Red.


 Brady Finta
33, Huntington Beach, CA
FBI agent
S9 brady t
 Brook Geraghty
27, Winthrop, MA
Document manager
S9 brook t
 Chad Crittenden
34, Oakland, CA
S9 chad t
 Chris Daugherty
33, South Vienna, OH
Highway construction worker
S9 chris t
 John Kenney
22, Los Angeles, CA
Mechanical bull operator
S9 johnk t
 John Palyok
31, Los Angeles, CA
Sales manager
S9 johnp t
 Lea Masters
40, Columbia, SC
Drill sergeant
S9 lea t
 Rory Freeman
35, Des Moines, IA
Housing case manager
S9 rory t
 Travis Sampson
33, Johnson City, TN
Security officer
S9 travis t

 Chad Crittenden
S9 chad t
 Chris Daugherty
S9 chris t
 John Kenney
S9 johnk t
 Julie Berry
S9 julie t
 Lea Masters
S9 lea t
 Twila Tanner
S9 twila t

Tribe History

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