Loose Lips Sink Ships is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


Night 33

It was a wonderful Tribal Council once again for ME! Every day, my chances for winning this game get better and better.

Rupert Boneham

The tribe returns to camp after Danielle DiLorenzo's blindside, confused on where allegiances stand in the tribe. Parvati Shallow tells Sandra Diaz-Twine that she thought Rupert Boneham was going home, and then talks with Jerri Manthey. Jerri admits she voted for Danielle because Russell Hantz threatened her that she would go next. The women agree they need to get Rupert and Colby Donaldson out since if either one reaches the end, they will win.

I think Russell was jealous of my relationship with Danielle and he wanted to make sure that it was him and I that were the closest two. The move that Russell made tonight has made me completely distrust him. Russell is the biggest villain that this game has ever seen. But I still need to be nice to Russell because I still need to get Colby and Rupert off before anyone else, then I can deal with Russell after that.

Parvati Shallow

Russell walks up to Jerri and Parvati while they are having their conversation, and again claims that Danielle was the one trying to break the alliance and get Parvati out. Parvati tries to get an assurance from Russell that she won't be next and that the remaining Villains will stick together. Russell assures her that all is well with the alliance, while still privately celebrating the destabilization caused by Danielle's vote out.

I believe the decision today saved my butt when Danielle said, "We're closer than you really think, Russell". The switch went off my head and I was like, "Oh really?" Did she just say that? To me? I don't know if I believe Parvati anymore. All of a sudden, she's worried she's next. That shows me that Parvati and Danielle were a strong team and I just got rid of her main alliance, now she has nobody to lean her head on but me.

Russell Hantz

Day 35

Parvati, Rupert, and Russell bring Tree Mail to camp with a Sprint phone containing messages from loved ones. All of the remaining castaways feel a new sense of motivation to win the game and the upcoming challenge. The tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge where everyone is reunited with their loved ones (including Rupert's wife, Laura Boneham) who will be competing with them in the Loved Ones Challenge. Jerri and her sister, Jenny, win reward and she chooses to take Parvati and Sandra with her on the reward with their loved ones, leaving a visibly upset Russell behind. As Russell, Rupert, and Colby walk off back to camp, Russell fumes and tells them that Jerri just made a terrible strategic move.

Jerri, Parvati, and Sandra enjoy the reward of experiencing some Samoan blowholes with their loved ones, throwing coconuts into the hole. After experiencing that, they all enjoy a picnic feast.

We start walking towards the blowholes and this little tiny old man throws a coconut in the blowhole and the coconut goes shooting up like a firework into the air and I'm like, woah! It was really cool. Honestly, one of the best parts too was Jerri had the Sprint phone with her because she was taking pictures of us the whole time. And then, we see this whole spread of food and it was amazing.

Parvati Shallow

As they enjoy the food, Jerri speaks up about how she's worried Russell will be freaking out back at camp because she didn't choose him to come on the reward. Parvati and Sandra dismiss whatever anger Russell might have since the three of them can prevent him from doing anything crazy.

I'm very concerned Russell would be so upset that I didn't take him, that he would take it out on me in the game.

Jerri Manthey

Back at camp, Russell continues to vent to Rupert and Colby about Jerri's decision not to take him, calling it a bad decision. Rupert plays off Russell and builds him up into being even more upset and angry at his alliance.

When Jerri got to announce who she's going to bring, I was fully expecting her to bring me. Why wouldn't she? I've been taking care of Jerri this entire time. She's not going to take me? Parvati would have done the same thing, not take me. I saved Parvati's ass. I saved Jerri's ass. I'm draggin' 'em through the mud, both of them, in a million dollar game. These girls are a bunch of unappreciative little bitches. Both of 'em.

Russell Hantz

Russell then proposes to Rupert and Colby that it's time to regroup and form a new alliance with the two remaining Heroes to the final three. The three men shake on the new deal. Colby asks Russell if he believes in possibly flipping another Villain to their side, and Russell says he thinks he can flip Jerri. Although Russell is angry at Jerri, he feels like he can control her the most and get her to vote out Parvati. Russell declares that if Parvati can't win immunity, that she will go home for sure and then it is a clear path for the new final three.

So Russell is hot and heavy on us three; Colby, Russell, and I being solid. I want to believe him, but he's a Villain. But he's my best villain I got. And if I can take the best Villain to the final three with me, I think that guarantees me the million dollars.

Rupert Boneham

Jerri, Parvati, and Sandra return to camp at night from the loved ones reward and they are greeted with a chilly reception. As everyone settles in to try and sleep, Rupert begins sawing firewood, smashing wood, and making a lot of noise. Trying to sleep in the shelter with the others, Jerri is annoyed by it, even Colby calls Rupert completely clueless.

When I returned to camp, I wanted to go talk to Russell, but Russell and Colby were sleeping so I tried to sleep. But Rupert is loud, obnoxious, selfish, and totally inconsiderate. We all go to bed and he decides now that's a great opportunity to chop wood, saw wood, snap twigs, break things, slam things on the ground. I'm talking like huge logs, dropping them on the ground, the whole ground shakes. I have never in my life seen anybody that inconsiderate. I don't know if it's like incredible cockiness or just complete stupidity. I'm leaning more towards stupidity quite frankly. I want to kill Rupert right now, honestly I want him gone more than anything in the entire universe. I mean, it was just nuts, I couldn't sleep all night, so I got out of the shelter to talk to Russell.

Jerri Manthey

Unable to sleep, Jerri goes out and talks to Russell about the reward. She says it was good but worries that Russell might be mad at her for not choosing him. Russell tells Jerri he wasn't mad, he just wanted to see his wife, and he promises Jerri to take her to the top with him. After the discussion with Jerri, Russell confirms his alliance with Jerri, but still plots to vote out Parvati.

I talked to Jerri when she came back and I'm back on board with Jerri. That makes me and Jerri very powerful in this game, and I control it 'cause I control Jerri. I'm not going to tell Jerri anything about voting Parvati out, we're just going to go to the immunity and hopefully one of the guys wins it and I'll deal with Jerri's vote right before Tribal Council.

Russell Hantz

Day 36

The tribe arrives at the next Immunity Challenge to compete. Very quickly, fifteen seconds in, Colby falls out of the challenge, followed not long afterwards by Sandra. The final two competitors are Parvati and Rupert, who last over seventeen minutes before Rupert falls out, allowing Parvati to win immunity. Rupert's loss in the Immunity Challenge is his third second-place finish in a row.

Parvati saved herself 100% today, so hopefully, plan B, Sandra, goes home.

Rupert Boneham

Parvati wins immunity, so I don't have to make a tough decision tonight because if she wouldn't have won, she would have went home. That makes my decision very easy tonight. The way I see it tonight, since I can't get rid of Parvati, it looks like I'm going to have to flip on these guys, I'm going to have to go back to the girls.

Russell Hantz

Returning to camp, Russell is upset at Parvati having won immunity, so now he has to go back into the Villains alliance. Parvati talks to Russell and they agree on voting for Rupert. Sandra approaches Rupert and tells him she hates Russell and is sick of him. Sandra tells him the only reason the girls keep Russell is around is because everyone hates him so bad they know they'll win against him at the end. Rupert, however, shuns Sandra and goes back to Russell.

Sandra came to me saying we have to get rid of Russell. So I immediately went over to Russell.

Rupert Boneham

Rupert talks to Russell by the campfire as Parvati and Sandra lay in the shelter. Rupert whispers and tells Russell the girls still want him out, calling out Sandra.

I want to keep Russell a little on edge, making a little sure he believes Colby and I are on his solid way to the final three.

Rupert Boneham

Russell walks over to the shelter and asks Sandra point blank whether she is with him or against him. Without hesitation, Sandra says she is against him. Russell postures with Sandra and tells her that if she is against him that she will be the next to go. Sandra tells Russell they both should be comfortable, but Russell continues to hammer Sandra asking for loyalty.

After he leaves, Parvati and Sandra laugh to each other about how Russell is such a lunatic. Sandra then calls out to Rupert by the campfire saying that loose lips sink ships for telling Russell their plans. Sandra says Rupert's ship is now sunk. Parvati and Sandra then start laughing loudly about Russell becoming like Rob Mariano by asking people whether they are with him or against him. Russell calls back and humorously asks them whether they are drinking over in the shelter. Russell shakes his head and tells Jerri that those two are making it easy for him to make a decision. Russell tells Jerri and Rupert he wouldn't mind getting rid of Sandra, and that with their three votes plus Colby's it will be done.

I don't know what is going on right now, it's like this camp has turning into crazy town. First of all, I literally spent the entire night listening to Rupert make loud noises. And now Sandra and Parvati pushed Russell's buttons? Are you kidding me? Don't get Russell riled up and against you! Are you kidding me?

Jerri Manthey

A little later, Parvati and Sandra appear to become aware of Russell's anger and Parvati tries to reassure Sandra that there is no way Russell can make a move against her since Jerri will stay with the two of them.

Parvati was like, "Don't worry, Sandra, because I'm not writing your name down and neither is Jerri so Rupert is gonna to go home even if Russell is upset". It's Day 36, the last day for me to use the idol, I might bring it with me to Tribal Council, but I don't have anything to worry about. I'd rather not use it, that's how confident I am that I'm not going home.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

At Tribal Council, Sandra talks about how Rupert tried to stir things up between her and Russell by telling Russell what she had told Rupert in confidence. Sandra talks about how Russell came up to ask her whether she was with him or against him, and Sandra admits once again that she said she was against Russell. Host Jeff Probst asks the tribe whether or not the game is still Heroes vs. Villains since a Villain, Danielle, was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Parvati says that there is no reason to mix things up again and get rid of another Villain, since either of the Heroes will win if they make it to the end. Rupert says that mixing things up would in fact be good, so that a Villain can come out on top and plead a case to the jury that they made it to the final three as the top villain. Parvati glances at Russell, telling everyone she thought Rupert was talking directly to Russell with his speech. Rupert claims his speech was for any of the Villains who wants to get to the top. The tribe goes to vote, and as Jeff prepares to read the votes, before Jeff could finish talking about the Hidden Immunity Idol, Sandra stands up and hands him the Hidden Immunity Idol, causing surprised faces from everyone else. Despite Sandra feeling insecure enough to play the idol, Russell and Jerri stick with the Villains and Rupert is voted out 4-0. After getting his torch snuffed, Rupert gives Russell one final glare before leaving.


Challenge: Pass the Bucket
The castaways would use a bucket to scoop water from the ocean and then toss the water to their loved one, who would use another bucket to catch the water. The loved one would then pour the water into a bucket hanging from a see saw. The first pair to fill their bucket with enough water to tip their see saw would win.
Reward: A plane trip with their loved one to see the Alofaaga Blowholes, along with a meal of hamburgers, soft drinks, cookies, and donuts.
Winner: Jerri Manthey (shared with Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine)

Challenge: Keep It Up
The castaways would hold two poles on the tops of their hands up against a board over their heads. Any movement in their hands would cause the poles to drop to the ground. The last person who does not drop their poles would win immunity.
Winner: Parvati Shallow

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15:
Yin Yang
S20 rupert t
Rupert (4 votes)
S20 jerri tS20 parvati tS20 russell tS20 sandra t
Jerri, Parvati, Russell, Sandra
S20 sandra t
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S20 colby tS20 rupert t
Colby, Rupert
(votes not counted)
S20 rupert bw
Rupert Boneham

Voting Confessionals

(voting against Sandra) I don't think you're going home tonight, but your time's coming.


(voting against Rupert) At least now, I'll get a decent night's rest. Take care, Rupert.


(voting against Rupert) You told J.T., when J.T. gave me the Hidden Immunity Idol, you told him that you should never trust a villain. Well, I'm telling you, you should never trust a villain.


(voting against Rupert) Okay, for real this time, I would like to see you go home. Bye.


(voting against Sandra) Yes, Sandra. Loose lips do sink ships. Now I wrote your name down, too. Sorry.


(voting against Rupert) I'll write your name again, and if I'm up there in the Final Three, you'll still give me the million dollar vote.


Final Words

Maybe I am not destined to win Survivor. I thought I had this one, but I'm proud of the way I played the game. I walked out of this game knowing I might not be as tough as I was six years ago, but I'm still pretty darn tough. In this game, I don't need to win Survivor to know that I'm a winner.

–Rupert Boneham

Still in the Running

S20 sugar bw
S20 stephenie bw
S20 randy bw
S20 cirie bw
S20 tom bw
S20 tyson bw
S20 james bw
S20 rob bw
S20 coach bw
S20 courtney bw
S20 jt bw
S20 amanda bw
S20 candice bw
S20 danielle bw
S20 rupert bw
Yin Yang
S20 colby t
Yin Yang
S20 jerri t
Yin Yang
S20 parvati t
Yin Yang
S20 russell t
Yin Yang
S20 sandra t


Life at Ponderosa

Rupert Boneham leaves the game upset with himself for getting voted out, especially since he had convinced himself he was going to the final three. Rupert heads in to the medical checkup, and medical tells Rupert they were surprised he lasted thirty-six days with his fractured toe injuries, many of which were sustained on the very first day. The weigh in reveals Rupert lost 30 lbs.

Rupert arrives at Ponderosa and is greeted with open arms. Everyone comments on the amount of weight Rupert lost and they tell him he looks skinny now. Amanda Kimmel and J.T. Thomas talk in private about his weight loss; J.T. says that it's the skinniest Rupert has ever been, and Amanda says when he flexed, there was no fat on his arm and Rupert looked ripped. Rupert voices his frustration with Sandra Diaz-Twine and her Hidden Immunity Idol, telling everyone Sandra was supposed to go home. The other jurors talk with each other and say that Rupert lasted longer than most of them expected after the tables got turned on the Heroes. Coach Wade meets Rupert and has a heart to heart with Rupert. Coach says he has always respected the way Rupert played the game in all of his seasons. Rupert says there was never animosity between him and Coach and that he had looked forward to playing with him, but never got the opportunity.

The next day, the jury gets messages from home on a Sprint phone. Rupert sits out by the beach being sad over having lost the game. Rupert's brooding causes Danielle DiLorenzo and Courtney Yates to be frustrated in private. Courtney says Rupert already won the prize without having won the game and shouldn't be upset, and Danielle agrees it isn't as big a deal as Rupert is making it, since Rupert was saying he will be reliving his mistakes until the end of his days.


  • On Day 34, Parvati Shallow broke Amanda Kimmel's record of most days in a Survivor career.
  • On Day 36, Rupert Boneham became the third castaway to reach 100 days in a Survivor career.
    • Unlike when Amanda and Parvati achieved this earlier in this season, Rupert's accomplishment was not mentioned in the episode.
  • This episode marks the first time Sandra Diaz-Twine has received elimination votes in her Survivor career.
  • This is the third consecutive episode where the title has made a reference to ships.
  • With Rupert voted out, Colby Donaldson is now the last remaining member of the Heroes tribe.
  • As of this episode, everyone has received at least one vote at Tribal Council.
    • However, the only votes cast against Sandra at this Tribal Council did not count due to her use of the Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • In this episode, Rupert became the first Survivor contestant to sit on three juries.
  • This episode marks the second time Rupert's wife, Laura Boneham, appears competing in a Loved Ones Challenge after previously appearing in the Loved Ones Challenge in Survivor: All-Stars. The next time Laura would appear on Survivor, she would compete as a castaway in Survivor: Blood vs. Water.
  • This episode marks the first individual Reward Challenge since "The Martyr Approach" two seasons prior.
  • This is currently the last episode of Survivor to air on a Thursday night.


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