Locklan "Locky" Gilbert is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017) and Australian Survivor: All Stars.

One of Samatau's strongest members, Locky proved to be a key player of his seasons game, being the initial lead of his tribe, and his core alliance. However, once his main ally Aimee Stanton was blindsided, Locky was relegated to the minority. Although the multiple Tribe Switches gained Locky rising power, he entered the merge with an initial majority position, but was soon overpowered and eventually eliminated after an Immunity Challenge winning streak.

In All Stars, Locky quickly arose as the leader of the Vakama majority alliance. Following the Tribe Switch, the alliance joined forces with Harry Hills and Shonee Fairfax, but unfortunately entered merge down on numbers. Deemed as the biggest threat by Moana Hope, Locky became the first member of the jury.


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Age: 27
Occupation: Adventure Guide
State: Western Australia
Tribe: Samatau An experienced cave diver, base jumper, mountaineer and athlete, there is not a lot Locky is afraid of. At 195 cm tall, Locky is a physical threat and he will not be going under the radar when it comes to being an asset to his team. "I want to be the provider around camp. I want them to need me and I want to be the hero. I don't care about winning the money. I care about winning Australian Survivor. I'm very competitive and I will go into every challenge thinking I can win," he said. An extreme sportsman, Locky says rock climbing, mountaineering, scuba diving, hiking, camping, kayaking, free diving, kite surfing, sailing and cliff jumping are all "things he does for fun". "I'm either 100% adrenalin or I hang at home watching television," he said. Locky spends half the year in Perth as a roof plumber and the other half in Europe, where he is an adventure guide. Having spent a lot of time outside and in exciting challenges, Locky knew Australian Survivor was the right fit for him. "I'm not a super fan but I have seen Survivor and I love it. I have always thought it would be great to try out for and take part in the physical challenges. I cannot wait to live on the island, going fishing and living off nature. I have been camping solo for seven to 10 days before, hiking 200 kilometres, so I am used to living outside and dealing with that kind of life," he said. "I don't want to be backstabbing. I want to play the game really hard but in a good way."[1]

30, Adventure Tour Guide — Season 2 One person who will find it hard to go under the radar is Locky. Not just because of his athletic ability but because he's one of the biggest guys to ever play Australian Survivor. At over six foot, Locky is a challenge beast and he's back for All Stars with a new passion for adventuring and is very excited to take on the epic challenges that will be thrown his way. "I love the challenges. I know some people get scared when they see them but it's the absolute highlight for me. I own an adventuring company in Bali so it's the stuff I love doing. I do base jumping, canyoneering, extreme sports – this is the stuff I love!" While he knows he can take on the physical, it's the mental and social that Locky has spent the most time preparing for. Believing that nothing can really prepare you for Australian Survivor, he said: "I want to spend more time on my social game this time. I'll talk to everyone more and hopefully make some good connections and alliances, but I also want to blindside and play sneakier this time around." In his season, he worked closely with Tara and spent a lot of time scrambling from the bottom to stay in the game and is hoping to again align himself with someone he can work with closely. Locky splits his time between Bali and Perth. And if he wins, plans to give some money to charity and also towards starting new businesses.[2]

Australian Survivor


Locky was viewed as one of the biggest assets to Samatau thanks to his challenge performances and contributions to camp life. Though Locky was originally working with Adam Parkin, he grew suspicious of him when it appeared that Adam was hunting for a Hidden Immunity Idol. Adam's elimination on Day 6 put Locky in a powerful position with an 8-3 majority (the eighth member being the original target, AK Knight). As Locky's alliance picked off the outsiders, AK grew weary of Locky holding the power and was biding his time until the right moment to strike. Locky had a similar idea, and he became worried that AK would become a threat if he stayed in the game too long. That proved to be the case, as on Day 13 AK, Tessa O'Halloran, Jarrad Seng, Ziggy Zagame, and Peter Conte joined forces blindsided Locky's closest ally Aimee Stanton. Locky's challenge strength kept him in the game until the Tribe Switch, but it came at a cost of seeing his remaining allies Tara Pitt and Anneliese Wilson get swapped to Asaga in a surprise twist on Day 20.

The outlook for Locky got a little better as Henry Nicholson and Ben Morgan came from Asaga to Samatau. Though it appeared the original Asaga members would be the new targets, Locky and Henry grew close. Locky was able to help keep Henry in the game at Samatau's final pre-merge Tribal Council visit, and come the merge Henry regained his Asaga allies, Henry reunited with Tara, and they managed to turn the tables on the formerly powerful Samatau alliance. With Locky's nemesis AK out of the game, he was once again enjoying himself. That would soon change when Henry was blindsided with an idol in his possession on Day 40, and the game opened up and got a lot more erratic.

After narrowly surviving a rare 3-2-2-2 vote, Locky won his first post-merge challenge alongside Luke Toki, Sarah Tilleke, and Ziggy where they enjoyed a KFC buffet. Though Ziggy voted against Locky the previous vote, they both knew they needed to get Asaga to vote out one of their own next. The Samatau pair suggested Jericho Malabonga as the next target at the feast, but Luke and Sarah threw Michelle Dougan under the bus. This made it clear to the Samatau four that Michelle is the person to flip, which they managed to do so and that resulted in Sarah and Luke being the next to go. During that time, Locky would go on to win three Immunity Challenges in a row. This only raised Locky's threat level, so much that Tara flipped on Ziggy in order to weaken his position in the game even further.

With five players left, Locky was the clear next target and it was immunity or bust. As a last resort, Locky told Tara about his "fake idol" which is actually just a parchment. After Michelle won immunity on Day 49, Tara felt that Locky was too disappointed for that idol to be real. Michelle was not too convinced and considered voting for Peter just in case. The idol never came up at Tribal Council, and Locky was voted out 3-2.

Locky was proud of Tara making it to the Final Two despite her betraying him, and voted for her to win at Final Tribal Council, though she lost to Jericho in a 6-3 vote.

Voting History

Locky's Voting History
Episode Locky's
Voted Against
1 Samatau Tribe Immune
2 Adam -
3 Kate -
4 Mark H. Tessa
5 AK -
6 Samatau Tribe Immune
7 Samatau Tribe Immune
8 Mock Vote1
9 Samatau Tribe Immune
10 Samatau Tribe Immune
11 No Elimination2
12 Samatau Tribe Immune
13 Michelle -
14 Samatau Tribe Immune
15 Samatau Tribe Immune
16 Jarrad -
17 Anneliese Anneliese,
Peter, Tessa
18 Peter -
19 Sarah Peter, Ziggy
20 Sarah Individual Immunity
21 Luke Individual Immunity
22 Michelle Individual Immunity
23 Peter Jericho, Peter, Tara
Voted Out, Day 49
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Episode 8", Samatau was subjected to a mock Tribal Council where the two players they voted out were switched to the other tribe.
^2 In "Episode 11", after winning the Immunity Challenge on Day 26, Samatau was subjected to a Tribal Council where they would vote for one person to compete for a special reward.

All Stars

Locky's starting tribe featured two of his past rivals in AK Knight and Jericho Malabonga. Though he succeeded in blindsiding Jericho at the first vote, AK became one of Locky's closest allies this time as they were part of a majority alliance along with Brooke Jowett, Flick Egginton, Phoebe TimminsDavid Genat, and Daisy Richardson. Locky and Brooke also grew particularly close with their flirting. Locky and Phoebe received an advantage from the Survivor gift shop, giving Locky an opportunity to learn about Mokuta's dynamics. However, just as Locky's game appeared to be gaining momentum, Daisy was suddenly blindsided by Mat Rogers's Hidden Immunity Idol play on Day 7. Furthermore, Mat found another idol shortly after in front of the Vakama tribe, visibly frustrating Locky.

The Tribe Switch was favorable for Locky, as three of his allies, Mat, Shonee Fairfax, and Harry Hills banded together to take out the remnants of the once-powerful Mokuta alliance. However, Mat's idol still possessed an active threat to Locky, especially with Mat scheming with John Eastoe, Harry, Shonee, and Flick to blindside Locky. That threat was quelled on Day 20 when Locky's alliance stayed loyal and a successful split vote flushed Mat's idol and eliminated John. Once Mat was voted out the following Tribal Council, the remaining six members of Vakama were all closely aligned, putting pressure on them to win the remaining Immunity Challenges until the merge. This would not be the case as Vakama lost once again on Day 26. Locky's powerful trio of Brooke and AK meant they held the cards at Tribal Council, and instead of picking off one of the original Mokuta members Shonee or Harry, Locky helped Brooke get her long-awaited revenge on Flick by voting her out 5-1. The remaining Vakama five won the final pre-merge Immunity Challenge, with the hopes of infiltrating the Mokuta seven come the merge.

Those hopes were damaged when hopeful ally Nick Iadanza was voted out by the Mokuta alliance. David and Zach Kozyrski feigned loyalty to them, making Locky confident that he had the numbers to blindside strategic threat Sharn Coombes. At Tribal Council on Day 30, Locky stated his desire for a blindside as sticking with the numbers was boring. He unintentionally got his wish when Locky was the victim of that blindside in a 7-5 vote.

At Final Tribal Council, Locky joined in voting for David to win the title of Sole Survivor, which he did in a 8-1 vote.

Voting History

Locky's Voting History
Episode Locky's
Voted Against
1 Vakama Tribe Immune
2 Jericho -
3 Jacqui1 -
4 Vakama Tribe Immune
5 Vakama Tribe Immune
6 Vakama Tribe Immune
7 Abbey -
8 Lydia -
9 Mat2 John, Mat
10 Harry -
11 Vakama Tribe Immune
12 Flick -
13 Vakama Tribe Immune
14 Sharn David, Jacqui, Lee, Moana,
Sharn, Tarzan, Zach
Voted Out, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Episode 3", Mat used a Hidden Immunity Idol on Jacqui, negating Locky's vote against her.
^2 In "Episode 9", Mat used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Locky's vote against him.


  • The day following his elimination from Australian Survivor: All Stars, Locky was announced as the new Bachelor for the 8th season of the Australian version of the show.[3]



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