Locklan "Locky" Gilbert is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017).

One of Samatau's strongest members, Locky proved to be a key player of his seasons game, being the initial lead of his tribe, and his core alliance. However, once his main ally Aimee Stanton was blindsided, Locky was relegated to the minority. Although the multiple tribe swaps gained Locky rising power, he entered the merge with an initial majority position, but was soon overpowered and eventually eliminated after an Immunity Challenge winning streak.


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Age: 27
Occupation: Adventure Guide​
State: Western Australia
Tribe: Samatau

An experienced cave diver, base jumper, mountaineer and athlete, there is not a lot Locky is afraid of.

At 195 cm tall, Locky is a physical threat and he will not be going under the radar when it comes to being an asset to his team.

"I want to be the provider around camp. I want them to need me and I want to be the hero. I don't care about winning the money. I care about winning Australian Survivor. I'm very competitive and I will go into every challenge thinking I can win," he said.

An extreme sportsman, Locky says rock climbing, mountaineering, scuba diving, hiking, camping, kayaking, free diving, kite surfing, sailing and cliff jumping are all "things he does for fun".

"I'm either 100% adrenalin or I hang at home watching television," he said. Locky spends half the year in Perth as a roof plumber and the other half in Europe, where he is an adventure guide.

Having spent a lot of time outside and in exciting challenges, Locky knew Australian Survivor was the right fit for him.

"I'm not a super fan but I have seen Survivor and I love it. I have always thought it would be great to try out for and take part in the physical challenges. I cannot wait to live on the island, going fishing and living off nature. I have been camping solo for seven to 10 days before, hiking 200 kilometres, so I am used to living outside and dealing with that kind of life," he said.

"I don't want to be backstabbing. I want to play the game really hard but in a good way."[1]

Australian Survivor

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Voting History

Locky's Voting History
Episode Locky's
Voted Against
1 Samatau Tribe Immune
2 Adam -
3 Kate -
4 Mark H. Tessa
5 A.K. -
6 Samatau Tribe Immune
7 Samatau Tribe Immune
8 Mock Vote1
9 Samatau Tribe Immune
10 Samatau Tribe Immune
11 No Elimination2
12 Samatau Tribe Immune
13 Michelle -
14 Samatau Tribe Immune
15 Samatau Tribe Immune
16 Jarrad -
17 Anneliese Anneliese,
Peter, Tessa
18 Peter -
19 Sarah Peter, Ziggy
20 Sarah Individual Immunity
21 Luke Individual Immunity
22 Michelle Individual Immunity
23 Peter Jericho,
Peter, Tara
Voted Out, Day 49
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In Episode 8, Samatau was subjected to a mock Tribal Council where the players they voted out (Anneliese and Tara) were merely switched to the other tribe.
^2 In Episode 11, after winning the Immunity Challenge on Day 26, Samatau was subjected to a Tribal Council where they would vote for one person to compete for a special reward.


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  • Of the final five, Locky is the only one to have never been a part of Asaga.


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