Lock Step (also known as Unchained and Temptation Valley) is a recurring challenge from Survivor.


The tribes race against each other through a series of obstacles, while attached together by a rope. The first tribe to successfully complete the course with all of its members across the finish line wins.

In Survivor: The Amazon, in each section of the obstacle course, the tribes must gather a series of keys to unlock sections of the chain. First tribe to unlock their chain and cross the finish line wins.

In Survivor: Gabon, only six members of each tribes will compete in the obstacle course, while the remaining three will solve a puzzle at the end.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: The Australian Outback. The tribes were even to the river. Kucha took a lead on the third leg, and although Rodger fell twice during the sprint, Maralyn proved too costly for Ogakor as they dropped their second straight Immunity Challenge.

In The Amazon, the Tambaqui tribe took an early lead, however the Jaburu tribe pulled ahead when Daniel and Ryan had trouble with the balance beam, and won immunity.

In Gabon, the tribes were even throughout the course, but Fang could not unearth all the three bags of puzzle pieces, leaving the way open for Kota to win


Episode Challenge Type Winner
The Australian Outback
"Trust No One"
Tribal Immunity S2 alicia tS2 elisabeth tS2 jeff t
S2 kimmi tS2 michael tS2 nick tS2 rodger t
The Amazon
"Boys vs Girls"
Tribal Immunity S6 christy tS6 deena tS6 heidi tS6 janet t
S6 jeanne tS6 jenna tS6 joanna tS6 shawna t
"Want to See the Elephant Dung?"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S17 ace tS17 bob tS17 charlie t
S17 corinne tS17 jacquie tS17 kelly t
S17 marcus tS17 paloma tS17 sugar t



  • This challenge has only been used for immunity.


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