Lock, Load and Light is a recurring challenge of Survivor.


The tribes must run up and over two sand mounds, assemble a puzzle boat, using unique braces to hold it together, row out to a cauldron, light a torch, row back, remove the braces, and take them to the starting line. Two players will use 16 puzzle pieces to assemble blocks representing compass directions, then the tribe fits the blocks and braces into a climbing wall and climbs up to light a fire bale. The first tribe to do so would win.


In Survivor: Cook Islands, the challenge was used as the first Immunity Challenge of the season. In addition to immunity, the first three tribes to finish the challenge would win flint as a reward. The first-placing tribe would also win a crate full of fire making essentials. Puka Puka finished in first, winning the fire-making tools and immunity. Aitutaki and Rarotonga finished in second and third respectively, sending Manihiki to Tribal Council.

In Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, the challenge was once again used as the opening Immunity Challenge. Despite the Heroes taking the lead in the rowing portion of the challenge, the Heroes, especially Sugar Kiper, struggled with the puzzle. This allowed the Villains take the lead and win the challenge.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Cook Islands
"I Can Forgive Her but I Don't Have to Because She Screwed with My Chickens"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S13 becky tS13 brad t
S13 caoboi tS13 jenny tS13 yul t
Puka Puka
S13 billy tS13 cecilia t
S13 cristina tS13 jp tS13 ozzy t
S13 adam tS13 candice t
S13 jessica tS13 jonathan tS13 parvati t
Heroes vs. Villains
"Slay Everyone, Trust No One"
Tribal Immunity S20 coach tS20 courtney tS20 danielle t
S20 jerri tS20 parvati tS20 randy tS20 rob t
S22 russell tS20 sandra tS20 tyson t



  • Candice Woodcock and Parvati Shallow are the only castaways to compete in this challenge twice.
    • Parvati won this challenge both times, while Candice won once and lost once.
  • This challenge has only been used as the first Immunity Challenge of the season.
  • This challenge has the record for most winners in one usage, with 15.
  • Every time this challenge has been used, a red and a blue tribe have competed.
    • Furthermore, a red tribe has always won this challenge.
  • The eventual Sole Survivor, Runner-Up, and Second Runner-Up have always been on a winning tribe.

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