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Elizabeth "Liz" Wilcox is a contestant from Survivor 46.

Allergic to much of the island food, Liz struggled with the survival aspect of the game, leading to a memorable meltdown when she was denied a hearty food reward at the final eight. However, she typically stayed abreast of the strategic dynamics within the game, though she tended to overstate her involvement in a number of the season's major blindsides. Having labeled herself as a major threat, Liz was nominated to perform the fire-making challenge after losing the Final Immunity Challenge. Unable to sustain her fire, she was eliminated on Day 25.


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Age: 35
Hometown: Luther, MI
Current Residence: Orlando, FL
Occupation: Marketing Strategist

Name three of your favorite hobbies: Running, telling jokes, making money
List three adjectives that best describe yourself: Fun-seeking (is that a word?), growth-minded, effing capable of anything!!!
How would your friends describe you? Relentless as all get out. People are always telling me that my drive is so inspiring.
What risks have you taken in your life to make a change for the better, even if the outcome wasn't planned? There was a moment in my marriage where I knew it wouldn't work. I decided to leave. No plan or cash. It was really scary. But I just had to go out on my own. It ended up being the best thing ever and I have more now than I ever could have dreamed of.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? My first thought is, "I make my own money!!" But then, I think it's just the fact that I truly believe in myself. There's a lot of fake confidence out there, but I truly love myself and believe in ME so much. I haven't met many people like that. So that is what I'm most proud of, for sure.
What is something we would never know from looking at you? I was mute until the age of 7, had a crazy nervous tick, and would hyperventilate from nerves. Now I'm a public speaker and the face of my company. You would never guess!
What past Survivor would you play the game most like? Russell, Sandra.[1]


Liz started the season on the Nami tribe. In the early days of the game, Liz acted as a free agent and was not affiliated with any concrete alliance, but was aware of the tribe's general dislike for Venus Vafa. Her primary strategy centered on (falsely) bragging about her millionaire status as a way of defusing any perception that she might be a jury threat. Near the end of the tribal phase, however, Liz conspired with Hunter McKnight and Tevin Davis to blindside Soda Thompson for being too much of a social butterfly, but never had the chance to put the plan into action due to Nami's streak of Immunity Challenge wins.

After the merge, Liz expected to continue working closely with her Nami tribemates. However, the Double Elimination presented an opportunity for her to realize her plans to blindside Soda. By roping in a desperate Venus and the former Siga members Charlie Davis and Maria Shrime Gonzalez, Liz secured the numbers to send Soda home at Tribal Council. While she was ecstatic about crafting her first blindside, she was frustrated that Tevin and Venus each believed that they were the engineer of Soda's demise, bruising her ego. Hence, she shifted her sights to Tevin at the final ten, arguing to her Nuinui tribemates that his role in the Soda blindside made him too much of a threat. Despite an unexpected blowup at Tribal Council where Q Burdette asked to be voted out, Liz got her way and sent Tevin home, 8-2.

Liz celebrated tying up the loose end with Tevin, but her former Nami affiliation caused her to be excluded from the next vote, where the tribe agreed to split the votes between Hunter and Q to flush out the former's idol. None the wiser, Liz voted against Q, incorrectly surmising that the tribe was still angry with him after his conduct at the final ten. A blindsided Liz became even more upset after the next Reward Challenge, which was played for an Applebee's feast. After Q won the reward, Liz begged for him to bring her along, arguing that she had not eaten since the game began, and that the food carried sentimental value for her. Unpersuaded, Q left Liz without the reward, sending her into a tirade where she harshly chastised him and blamed him for stealing her thunder at the Tevin vote. Despite coming to see him as her arch-nemesis, Liz saw the merit in having Q as a smokescreen and went along with Charlie and Maria's plan to blindside Tiffany Nicole Ervin at the next vote.

After Maria won the next challenge and got to choose two people to join her on a reward, she first picked her long-time ally Ben Katzman to join her, then got Q and Liz to play rock-paper-scissors to decide whom to pick between the two. Liz lost and came to harbor resentment towards Maria for bringing Q on a second consecutive reward. Charlie stoked Liz's anger and used this to recruit her into a Final Four Alliance (alongside Ben and Kenzie Petty) which he intended to stand as a counter-faction to Maria and Q's increasingly powerful twosome. The alliance got to work immediately, but first sided with Maria to blindside an untrustworthy Venus at that night's Tribal Council.

At the final six, Liz finally got to enjoy a reward at the sanctuary, and she expressed gratitude to Charlie for bringing her and Kenzie along to enjoy Chinese takeout and her letters from home. When Maria won the next challenge, Charlie's plan to blindside her was thwarted, and he shifted to voting out Q instead to weaken her. Liz and Kenzie were fully onboard with the plan, but played double agent by telling Maria that they agreed to blindside Charlie. At Tribal Council, Charlie's plan came to fruition and Q was blindsided, much to Liz's joy. The four-person alliance continued to work in lock step; at the next Immunity Challenge, Liz assisted Kenzie in the challenge specifically to deprive Maria of immunity, allowing the foursome to proceed with eliminating Maria.

Riding on a high, Liz believed that she was the most threatening person left in the game and was worried that she might be eliminated if she lost the Final Immunity Challenge due to her lack of confidence in her fire-making abilities. As it was, she lost the challenge, and Ben told her that he agreed that she was the biggest threat remaining. Despondent, Liz accepted her fate and practiced making fire, but her efforts were futile as she lost against Kenzie that night and became the final member of the jury. Before leaving Tribal Council, Liz expressed her bitterness at losing the challenge and boasted that she would have beat each of the finalists, to the jury's noticeable chagrin.

Liz was one of the quieter jurors at Final Tribal Council, but was swayed by Charlie's pitch and so cast her jury vote for him. In the end, Charlie lost to Kenzie in a 5-3-0 vote.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Nami Tiers of Heaven Reward No Won
Lizard King Immunity No 1st
2 Arch Madness Reward/Immunity Yes 1st
3 Blue Lagoon Bustle Reward/Immunity No 1st
4 Wear My Ring Reward No 2nd
The Deep Immunity No 1st
5 Knock One Back Reward/Immunity Yes 1st
Tribes Disbanded, Day 12
6 None Super Ramp Reward/Immunity No Lost
Tribes Merged, Night 13
7 Nuinui Bermuda Triangle Reward/Immunity Shared1
8 Get A Grip Immunity Lost
9 Stage Fright Immunity Lost
10 Running on Empty Reward Lost
Wrist Assured Immunity Yes2 Lost
11 Scramble On Reward/Immunity Lost
12 Master of Puppets Reward Invited
Splash Into Me Immunity Lost
13 Fifth Element Reward/Immunity Lost
Plinko Puzzle Immunity Lost
Eliminated, Day 25
^1 The challenge was played for team reward and individual immunity, with the last person standing winning reward for their team. Liz did not win immunity, but was on the team that won the reward.
^2 Liz elected to sit out of the challenge for an individual portion of rice.

Episode Liz's
Voted Against
1 Nami Tribe Immune
2 Nami Tribe Immune
3 Nami Tribe Immune
4 Nami Tribe Immune
5 Nami Tribe Immune
6 Moriah -
7 Soda -
8 Tevin -
9 Q;
10 Tiffany -
11 Venus -
12 Q -
13 Maria -
Lost Challenge2
Eliminated, Day 25
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Spicy Jeff", the vote ended with a 4-4 tie between Hunter and Q, forcing a revote. Liz did not change her vote on the revote.
^2 In "Friends Going to War", Ben had the advantage of choosing one person to be in the Final Three with him. He chose Charlie, subjecting Liz and Kenzie to a fire-making challenge. Liz lost the challenge, eliminating her from the game.


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