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Elizabeth "Liz" Kim is a contestant from Survivor: Samoa.

During her time in Samoa, Liz bonded fairly well with her Foa Foa tribemates. This led to her becoming skeptical of Russell Hantz obtaining a Hidden Immunity Idol, which would ultimately be her downfall. At Foa Foa's last Tribal Council, Liz was unanimously voted out over the underactive Jaison Robinson.


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Elizabeth Kim (33)
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Attorney

Elizabeth Kim wasn't born in this country, but that is not stopping her from living the American dream. "Everything I've gotten to this date has been out of pure determination." Emigrating from South Korea with her parents at age two, Elizabeth grew up in Franklin Lakes, NJ and is the elder of two children. The first in her family to go to college, this Ivy Leaguer's positive outlook combined with her determination has served her well in life helping her to earn degrees from Barnard-Columbia, Princeton, and University of Pennsylvania, Law School, where she served on Law Review.

After several years of practicing litigation at a top New York City law firm, Elizabeth now works as an urban planner in coordinating and managing industrial real estate development projects for New York City government, although just how much she'll reveal to her fellow tribemates is still up in the air. "I'm not sure I'm going to tell people where I went to school or that I'm an attorney." A self-described "social butterfly," Elizabeth sees herself as an "outgoing people person" who is opinionated and passionate about life. She admits that this behavior often leads to her being blunt with others and putting her foot in her mouth, and that her biggest challenge will be "being assertive without being abrasive."

A runner and avid tennis player, Elizabeth tries to stay active as much as possible. She recently completed training for a marathon, and is looking forward to tackling the game's many physical and mental challenges.

Currently, Elizabeth resides in New York City. Her birth date is November 24.[1]


Liz Kim was placed on the Foa Foa Tribe. When asked to vote for a leader based on First Impressions, Liz picked Mick Trimming while she received a vote from Jaison Robinson. Mick was elected the tribe's leader. When asked who was the smartest, Mick select Liz. Liz believed that she was picked to be the smartest because of her ethnicity and was worried about the negative stereotypes associated with being Asian. Liz was able to assemble the puzzle and win the tribe flint. However, things weren't smooth sailing as Russell Hantz sabotaged the tribe in order to gain control of the tribe. Foa Foa lost the Immunity Challenge. Russell H. got his way by voting out Marisa Calihan, who questioned the fact that he was making alliances with nearly everyone and Russell interpreting it as threatening him.

Liz wanted to vote out Mike Borassi because she believed his age would make him a liability in challenges. In the first round of the immunity, Liz scored the first point of the game. However, Galu ultimately won the challenge. In a twist, Galu's Leader, Russell Swan, had to select someone to observe Foa Foa until the vote at Tribal Council. Russell S. picked Yasmin Giles to the observer. Mike was examined by the medical team and was deemed unfit to continue the game. Despite Mike's removal from the game, Foa Foa still had to go Tribal Council. Yasmin made a long winded speech on how to improve the tribe, which only annoyed Foa Foa. She also got into an very public argument with Ben Browning. Liz was approached by Ashley Trainer about voting out Ben because of his attitude and disqualification from the challenge over Betsy Bolan, who was the oldest person remaining. Liz believe Ben's athleticism was worth the attitude problems. Russell H. also wanted Betsy out for not submitting to him and she was voted out unanimously.

Foa Foa's situation didn't get any better and they lost immunity yet again. This time, Russell S. sent Shambo Waters to be the observer. Shambo praised Liz for her toughness in challenges. Shambo bonded with the tribe a lot better than Yasmin did and was a positive energy at Foa Foa. Although Liz preferred Ashley to go because of weakness in challenges, Ben was voted out because of his poor attitude. Foa Foa temporarily broke their losing streak by winning the next Immunity Challenge.

The next challenge was gross food eating challenge for a Survivor Barbecue. Liz faced off against Galu's Monica Padilla. Both women finished their "smoothie". However, Foa Foa lost the challenge when Ashley was unable to swallow her smoothie. Shambo was sent to Foa Foa by Russell S. because she allowed a chicken to escape. While there, Shambo tried to find the Hidden Immunity Idol. Shambo believed she found the location of the idol but it wasn't there. Liz started to realize that either Ben or Russell H. had the idol despite the former having already been voted out. Liz talked to Russell H. about it, but he stated he didn't have it, however she didn't believe him. Angered, Hantz declared Liz to be "walking on thin ice". Camplife was made miserable by constant rains. Liz and Russel H. were designated to hold the ropes for the Immunity Challenge, Nut Bucket. However, Foa Foa often missed their shots while Galu often connected. This made it hard for both holders and Foa Foa lost immunity yet again. Everyone stayed in the shelter in a desperate bid to stay dry and everyone decide to just vote at Tribal Council. Liz and Ashley voted against each other, but Ashley was the one who was voted out because of weakness in challenges.

At the challenge, it was announced that the winning team would eat pizza. However, then it was revealed that both tribes would be going to Tribal Council. Liz was the guide in challenge. Although Foa Foa was leading, the challenge was canceled due to Russell S. collapsing in the challenge. After the challenge, Natalie White and Liz immediately realized that they were the targets. Liz attempted to form an alliance with Mick and Jaison. However, any strategizing was unneeded as it was that Russell S. was removed from the game before Tribal Council and the double vote was cancelled. 

At Galu, Shambo was made the new leader. The next challenge, Foa Foa failed to win yet again. This time, Shambo selected Laura Morett to observe Foa Foa. Foa Foa was very friendly to Laura. However, Liz grew upset with Laura and Natalie talking about their real lives but not working at camp. The next day at the Immunity Challenge, Foa Foa initially had the lead in the first part of the challenge, however, the tribe faltered at the puzzle and lost immunity gain. Although Russell really wanted Liz out, he talked to her about voting out Jaison because of his poor performance on the puzzle. Liz was delighted because she thought it was between the women. However, Russell H. chose trust over performance in challenges and Liz was voted out over Jaison in a unanimous vote.

Voting History

Liz's Voting History
Episode Liz's
Voted Against
1 Marisa -
2 Betsy -
3 Ben -
4 Foa Foa Tribe Immune
5 Ashley Ashley
6 No Vote
7 Jaison Jaison, Mick,
Natalie, Russell H.
Voted Out, Day 18


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