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Little Miss Perfect is the ninth episode of Survivor: Philippines.


Night 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

This time, Jonathan Penner has no protection but his alliance. The Tandang Alliance targets Jonathan, while the Matsing-Kalabaw Alliance targets Artis Silvester, as Abi-Maria Gomes is least likely to play her Hidden Immunity Idol on him. Despite most of the effort seeming to be focused on getting Lisa Whelchel to flip (with Michael being a back-up plan), it is Michael Skupin who flips from the Tandang Alliance, giving the Matsing-Kalabaw alliance the numbers to blindside Artis. Artis would be voted out by a 5-4 vote and becomes the 3rd member of the jury. And for the first time in this game, Abi-Maria and Pete Yurkowski find themselves in a bad position heading back to camp.


Challenge: Muddy Waters
The Dangrayne tribe will be divided into two teams of four via schoolyard-style picking. Tribe members must traverse a muddy obstacle course (a crawl through, an A-frame, and a rice pen) while retrieving bags with three balls. Once all bags are collected, all four members must shoot twelve balls into a fish trap propped like a basket. The first quartet to shoot all twelve balls into the fish trap basket would win the reward.
Reward: A trip to a local Filipino village, where the winning team will deliver school supplies and various toys, and receive a feast.
Additional Stipulation: Due to the odd number of players, one castaway will not participate and will not have a shot at winning reward. Abi-Maria is the last person not picked by either team, thus forfeiting her from the reward.
Winners: Red Team (Carter Williams, Denise Stapley, Jonathan Penner, and Malcolm Freberg)

Challenge: Paddle Out
The castaways must balance an oversized paddle while attempting to glide a ball down to the end of the paddle, where six small holes are located. The first castaway to get a ball in all six holes will win Immunity.
Winner: Michael Skupin

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
S25 artis t.png
Artis (5 votes)
S25 carter t.pngS25 denise t.png
S25 jonathan t.pngS25 malcolm t.pngS25 michael t.png
Carter, Denise, Jonathan, Malcolm, Michael
S25 jonathan t.png
Jonathan (4 votes)
S25 abimaria t.pngS25 artis t.pngS25 lisa t.pngS25 pete t.png
Abi-Maria, Artis, Lisa, Pete
S25 artis bw.png
Artis Silvester

Voting Confessionals

S25 pete t.png

(voting against Jonathan) I'm not sending you home because you're a returning player. I'm sending you home because you are really good at this game, and I respect that.

S25 denise t.png

(voting against Artis) I have no doubt that selfish mess Abi is never going to give you her [Hidden] Immunity Idol.

Final Words

S25 artis bw.png

Well played to Penner. He managed to pull off the improbable. Well played, all I can do is applaud him. I have no ill will toward anybody in the game because when it's all said and done, it is a game. I could not have been more happy. Well, I take that back, actually, yes, I could have if I had won the million dollars.

Still in the Running

S25 zane bw.png
S25 roxy bw.png
S25 angie bw.png
S25 russell bw.png
S25 dana bw.png
S25 dawson bw.png
S25 katie bw.png
S25 rc bw.png
S25 jeff bw.png
S25 artis bw.png
S25 abimaria t.png
S25 carter t.png
S25 denise t.png
S25 jonathan t.png
S25 lisa t.png
S25 malcolm t.png
S25 michael t.png
S25 pete t.png


Life at Ponderosa

Artis Silvester heads to Ponderosa, where RC Saint-Amour gives him the cold shoulder. Jeff Kent, on the other hand, welcomes him. Artis then goes for his post-game medical check-up, where it is revealed that Artis drops from 201.3 lbs. to 182 lbs. He then expresses his bewilderment upon seeing himself in the mirror after 25 days. RC then expresses her disappointment for Michael Skupin not helping her and Jeff's cause, but only did it later. Instead of going for dinner, Artis states he is more concerned about his hygiene, and heads to the shower instead. Reflecting on his Survivor experience, Artis learns that he should not take things for granted.

The next day, Artis predicts that either Malcolm Freberg, Denise Stapley, or Pete Yurkowski will go home next. RC then asks Jeff his predictions. Jeff replies that he will not speculate any longer, since he is already out of the game. Jeff then appears bored throughout their downtime.


  • This episode marks the first time that returning player Michael Skupin has won an Individual Immunity, as well as any individual challenges in his two seasons, as he did not make the merge in Survivor: The Australian Outback.
  • At the Reward Challenge, the whole yellow team was entirely comprised of Tandang members (minus Abi-Maria, who is eliminated by default after not being picked), while the red team has the remaining two members from the Kalabaw and Matsing tribes.
  • At the village, the castaways played Pukpok Palayok ("pukpok" meaning "to pound" or "to hammer" and "palayok," meaning "clay pot"), a game similar to piñata, but instead of a papier-mâché container, earthen pots are hanged to be smashed.


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