Linda Spencer is a contestant from Survivor: Africa.

Highly confrontational with the younger members of her tribe, and weak in challenges, Linda was the second person to go after the Younger Samburu Alliance gained majority of their tribe.


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Linda Spencer is currently an Assistant Director of Career Services at Harvard University, as well as a married mother of two children. Spencer was born and raised on welfare in Boston's inner city. She received a BA degree from Dartmouth College, an MEd from Tufts University and an MSW from Boston College. Previous occupations include corporate account executive, director of African Adventures at an overseas adventure travel company and clinical social worker.

In December 1999, Spencer was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and underwent a thyroidectomy the following January. She received radioactive iodine treatments in May 2000, and is now completely cancer free. In September 2000, a mere eight months after being diagnosed with cancer, she successfully reached the summit of Mt. Rainier.

The three adjectives Spencer uses to describe herself include adventurous, competitive and determined. She is a member of the Appalachian Mountain Club, Sierra Club, American Alpine Club, Career Counselors Consortium, Blackpack and is a former member of the Coalition of 100 Black Women.

Spencer's hobbies include mountain climbing, ice climbing, winter camping, international travel, spinning and yoga. She also enjoys in-line skating, and has completed a race from Athens to Atlanta, Georgia, covering 85 miles. She has traveled to over 28 countries on 4 continents, including two summers spent in rural African villages with no electricity or running water.

Linda Spencer currently lives in Boston with her husband Jim and two children, Jared, 11 and Jenna, 9. Her birth date is January 1.[1]


Despite Samburu's early winning streak, the tribe was fractured by two conflicting alliances defined by age. With the younger members Silas, Kim P., Brandon, and Lindsey banded together to eliminate his peers, Carl and his fellow older members Frank, Teresa, and Linda have formed their own alliance out of necessity, for they felt that the younger members were too lazy, while the younger members perceived them as too abrasive and overworking. After losing yet another Immunity Challenge after Carl's elimination, Silas made a plea to the older alliance to continue to vote for Lindsey to keep their alliance strong as possible, stipulating that Lindsey would be the only one vulnerable in future Tribal Councils should a recount take place because of another deadlock tie. Linda, along with the remaining elders, Frank and Teresa knew that the plan would not benefit them whatsoever and decided to switch their votes to Silas. Despite making Silas in danger in future votes, Linda was next to go in a 4-3 vote.

Voting History

Linda's Voting History
Episode Linda's
Voted Against
1 Samburu Tribe Immune
2 Samburu Tribe Immune
3 Lindsey;
4 Silas Brandon, Kim P.,
Lindsey, Silas
Voted Out, Day 12

^1 In "The Gods Are Angry", the vote ended with a 4-4 tie between Carl and Lindsey, forcing a revote. Linda did not change her vote on the revote.



  • Linda's luxury item was a string necklace.
  • Linda was the oldest female member of the original Samburu tribe.


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