Linda Penard is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Bocas del Toro.


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  • Age: 25 ans - Vie maritale
  • Profession: Coiffeuse
  • Département: Ile et Vilaine (35)
  • Passion: Sports, chant et danse
  • Devise: Ne te retourne pas, avance droit devant et ne regrette jamais rien


Despite being part of the majority in voting out Richard Lecourt at the Boro tribe's first elimination, Linda received two votes from Richard and Antoine Sanchez at that elimination and was at the centre of the tribe's conflict over the next few cycles. During the first Reward Challenge, which was a long scavenger hunt that the tribes had not even finished by the end of the day, Linda and Sylvie Pommier, who had become close until then, had a conflict over a pareo that Sylvie was using that she did not share with Linda, which fractured their relationship for the rest of the game. When Hélène Patry entered the tribe on Day 6 as Alexandra Denikine's replacement, Linda was the only contestant that greeted her warmly and, when Julie Bourdon was fully evacuated from the game, Hélène and Linda remained alone against the rest of the tribe in mutual resentment. On Day 11, Linda and Sylvie resurfaced their conflict about the pareo. That night, Moundir Zoughari argued with Linda about her attitude towards Sylvie, but things escalated when Moundir mentioned Linda's husband. He violently entered the tent that Hélène and Linda were laying down in and taunted Linda. Linda was scared due to Moundir's aggressive tone and demeanour and Hélène believed that Moundir would've hit Linda if there weren't any cameras around. Moundir was sanctioned by production to sleep separately from his tribemates that night for his behaviour. Hélène and Linda cost their tribe the next Immunity Challenge, which was the Buggin' Out challenge, though Linda purposefully threw it on her end in order to prove to the rest of her tribe that they need her to win. Upon returning to camp, Hélène accused Moundir of playing "only for the money." Moundir angrily asked Hélène who told her that, to which Linda responded that he did himself. Antoine tried to calm down the situation and clear any confusion by testifying that Moundir said that he wanted to use the money to help pay off his mother's debts if he won, but it was too late as Moundir threatened Linda and stormed around in a rage. To their discomfort, the Machiga tribe could hear Moundir's loud outburst in the distance. Due to this incident, Moundir's encounter with Hélène and Linda in their tent, and his outburst earlier when the Machiga tribe was pillaging the Boro tribe's camp as reward for winning the previous Reward Challenge, the show's psychologist consulted him, he was warned by production, and Linda threatened to file a complaint against him if this behaviour didn't change. At elimination, Moundir received votes from Hélène and Linda due to his recent behaviour, but Linda was ultimately voted out due to her actions at the corresponding Immunity Challenge and due to her combative character.

Voting History

Linda's Voting History
Episode Linda's
Voted Against
1 Richard Antoine, Richard
2 Boro Tribe Immune
3 Boro Tribe Immune
4 Moundir Antoine, Moundir,
Philippe, Sylvie
Voted Out, Day 13

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