Lillian "Lill" Morris is a contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Known for wearing her Scout Leader uniform, Lill was an immediate target for elimination due to her perceived weakness in challenges. After being voted out, she returned as part of The Outcasts. She was voted back into the competition and became more powerful and crucial to the elimination of her former tribe. Her perennial swing vote status helped her reach the Final Two. At that point, her conflicting moral code and gameplay was criticized by the jury and she lost to Sandra Diaz-Twine in a 6-1 vote.


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Born in Waterville, Maine, Lillian "Lill" Morris (or Big Lill to some) currently lives in Loveland, Ohio, which is north of Cincinnati. She has been married for 30 years to Lonnie and has two grown children, Clayton and Megan. She was most recently employed in customer service for an eyeglass company. She holds an Associates Degree in accounting from the University of Cincinnati. Her favorite hobbies include camping, backpacking through the Philmont Scout Reservation in Arizona and canoeing in Ely/Upper Michigan. She describes herself as adventurous, outspoken and daring. She's most proud of being a Boy Scoutmaster for 11 years. She started with seven scouts and, to date, Troop 617 has approximately 78 active young men under her supervision. She is also proud of representing her eyewear company in Thailand with the Gift of Sight Program when she helped distribute 23,000 pairs of glasses to people who were in need. Her favorite sport is baseball. She feels she's ready for this adventure because of her outdoor skills, leadership, patience, ability to be a team player, tolerance, acceptance, positive attitude and resourcefulness. Her primary motive is to experience something different in her life and live the ultimate high adventure experience. Her birth date is April 3, 1952.[1]


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Voting History

Lillian's Voting History
Episode Lillian's
Voted Against
1 Nicole -
2 Osten -
3 Darrah Andrew, Darrah,
Osten, Ryan O., Tijuana
Voted Out, Day 9
8 Ryan S.,
Ryan S., Trish1
Returned, Day 19
8 Andrew Individual Immunity1
9 Ryan O. -
10 Rupert -
11 Tijuana -
12 Christa Christa, Sandra
13 Burton Burton, Jon
14 Darrah Darrah
Jon Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Lillian
Runner-Up, Day 39
^1 In "What the...? (Part 2)", Lillian voted for two people she wanted to bring back into the game, while Trish, Nicole and Ryan S. wanted her to return. Her votes were enough to bring her back to the game. As part of her resurrection, she was given immunity at her first Tribal Council back in the game.


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