Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil is the tenth episode of Survivor: Cambodia. This and the following episode were aired together in a two-hour event.


Day 23

The tribe comes back from Tribal Council after the blindside of Kelly Wiglesworth. Jeremy wants to talk to Tasha to smooth things over. He tells her he couldn't tell her and Tasha says once you have the voting bloc, they don't tell anyone else.

She says she'll give them one last chance but if they leave her out again, that's it for her. Joe talks to Tasha and Jeremy about Kelly's blindside. He's mad and is trying to hold it in check. They ask about who voted for Wiglesworth. Spencer says he, Stephen, Jeremy, and the witches did. Joe says they don't need to let the girls get a leg up. Joe is worried because his allies are falling away and he says he must win immunity again.

Days 24-25

On night 24, the rain is beating down on Orkun and all day on Day 25. The tribe sits huddled under the shelter shivering. Ciera is feeling pretty good about her position in the game but says the rain ruins everything. She can't have one-on-one conversations because they have to hide in the shelter. Then lightning starts and they wonder if they can eat dry rice.

Keith says he can sit in the rain for a million bucks. His toes are shredding. He says Survivor is not fun, going on a cruise is fun. He says in a confessional: "This ain't fun, Golly".

The tribe meets Jeff for the Reward Challenge. Tasha says the weather is exhausting them. The rain keeps pouring down on them. Jeff says the reward is to get away from the rain to somewhere with a roof.

He says they will be warm, have blankets, and food. They will see a Cambodian circus too. They have to battle for a ball and toss it into a basket. The first team to three points wins and it will take place in the water. They do a Schoolyard Pick for teams. Survivor ran this challenge in Tocantins and Stephen scored the winning basket back then. Joe, Spencer, and Ciera face off against Jeremy, Stephen, and Kelley.

Spencer misses and Jeremy sinks a basket for the green team. Next is Kimmi, Kelley, and Keith vs Tasha, Abi-Maria, and Joe. Joe throws Kimmi out of the way and Keith hangs on. Kimmi grabs Joe's foot and he shoves her down then shoots and ties it up. Next is Jeremy, Kimmi, and Stephen vs Joe, Ciera, and Spencer. Spencer tackles Jeremy. Jeremy runs for the basket and Joe knocks him down. Jeremy misses.

Spencer sinks it and the purple team takes the lead 2-1. Next is Joe, Abi-Maria and Tasha against Jeremy, Wentworth, and Kimmi. Kimmi clings to Tasha's leg and Jeremy has Joe in a headlock. Tasha gets loose and sinks it to win reward. Tasha, Ciera, Abi-Maria, Spencer, and Joe get the reward. They are loaded right onto a boat and head out.

Jeff tells everyone else he has nothing for them and sends Kelley, Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi, and Keith back to camp colder and with nothing to show for their efforts. Spencer and the others watch the show while they sit under warm blankets with food. He says this feels as important as immunity. Ciera says she likes seeing the kids and it makes her miss her kids. She cries a bit.

Later, they sit and talk. Ciera is ready to work on an advantage. She tells the group they have a chance to take out Stephen since he has the advantage. Joe has wanted Stephen out for a while and hopes this will happen since Stephen has been targeting him. Back at camp, life is miserable for the five losers. Jeremy says this sucks but they need to push through.

Kimmi says she has sat at the hospital with her son for more than 40 days with his kidney disease and that was worse so she can do this. Keith takes one of Joe's shirts to warm up and says: to hell with him. Jeremy comments about Joe pushing all the girls down. Keith says someone needs to stop Joe from winning all the challenges.

Kelley is thrilled to be part of a voting bloc against Joe. Stephen is happy they are all on the same page to make sure Joe doesn't win immunity. Stephen is happy to have the advantage and wonders if he can use it against Joe. It's a stormy night and the others are back now. Everyone is miserable and Stephen starts having horrible stomach pains.

Everyone feels bad for him. Stephen cries and says he thinks his body is breaking down and he can't go on like this. They haven't been able to eat since they can't start the fire.

Day 26

On Day 26, there is more rain. Stephen says the rain won't stop and his stomach is tearing him up. He says he just needs the sun for 15 minutes and he'll be better.

Stephen is bawling and upset. He says he doesn't know what he's going to do. Jeremy says he feels bad for him and says Stephen is in bad shape with messed up stomach and swollen feet. Jeremy says he needs Stephen as an ally. The tribe heads to the Immunity Challenge. Jeff gives them each one black rock and one white rock. They take them.

Jeff takes back the necklace from Joe again. They have to balance on one foot on a block and hold a ball against a post with an oval stick device. This one was played in Keith's season and he lost. The good news is, the rain has stopped. Fish says it's been terrible and says it was a personal life low. Jeff says they still have half a month left.

Jeff says they can improve their shelter. He says a construction crew is at their camp. They will waterproof it, get a fire going in the center and more. They have to have five people step out of the Immunity Challenge to get this incentive. Spencer says this is an I and We dilemma. A white rock means they give up the chance at a challenge.

A black rock means they have to play in the challenge. Jeff says this is about trust. They have to vote with a rock in their hand. They reveal and it turns out only Joe and Keith are the ones with a black stone. The other eight flip a white rock. Jeff says they will have a big shelter when they get back to camp. Keith says he's a competitor and he wants to play and figured Joe would play.

Joe says he was back and forth then figured the rain would affect others more so they would vote for the shelter. Only Joe and Keith will face off for the challenge. They step up and get their balls balanced and the challenge begins. You must have to hold your arms up over your head to keep the ball in play. It looks excruciating. Jeff talks while they hang there.

Jeff says the fatigue has to be setting in. Joe has a bit of movement. Spencer whispers that he's slipping. Keith's moves a little and then he loses it. Joe wins his fourth individual immunity. Stephen is not happy. Jeff sends them back to camp. Stephen says "Joey Amazing" wins again but at least with the new shelter, they can play again. He plans to target Ciera instead.

They head back and see their new shelter and they also got cookies and hot tea and coffee. Spencer says this is great and the shelter is incredible. But he also says he feels like they sold their souls to the devil. Stephen talks to Jeremy and Kimmi about targeting Ciera. He thinks she's dangerous, and he doesn't want to use the advantage right now.

Joe talks about voting out Stephen and Abi-Maria calls Stephen "poopy pants", much to Tasha's annoyance. Joe reminds them all he has an advantage. They wonder about splitting the vote and agree to split it between Kimmi and Stephen. Tasha talks to Spencer about this being the Ciera show. Tasha says Ciera has unhinged groups and if they take her out, they could use Kelley and Abi-Maria.

Spencer agrees but he wants Stephen out of the game and has to convince people to move with them. Joe and Spencer talk to Jeremy and Tasha about voting out Stephen. Jeremy says he thought Ciera. Spencer and Joe tell them the girls are definitely going after Stephen. Tasha says Ciera is a bigger threat. Joe wants both Ciera and Stephen gone.

He says he knows Ciera is a liar but Stephen has an advantage that none of them know. Spencer says they need to blindside him before he can play it. Jeremy argues. He says two idols but wants Stephen in the game since they trust each other. Jeremy says Ciera is a free agent. Spencer talks to Jeremy about the importance of getting rid of Stephen's advantage.

He says Stephen can flip more easily. Jeremy still pushes back. They head off to Tribal Council and Spencer says this will be close. He says he and Jeremy are both convinced they are right in this and he hopes Stephen will go home but has no idea what will happen tonight. They head in and take their seats, then the jury of Kass, Andrew, and Kelly come in and take seats.

Jeff talks about the weather. He talks to Kelley about being at the Reward Challenge. She says the water was warmer than the rain and says it was the first time she's cried in Survivor. Stephen says he had severe gastrointestinal stress at the peak of the storm. Jeff says he offered them a shot to change up their shelter and Ciera says her first thought was giving up her spot.

But she says she wondered who else would also give up. Tasha says she wondered who would be selfish and unselfish. Joe speaks up and says if he put out that white rock, he knew he would go home tonight, no question. Keith says he's a competitor and was trying to kill the "golden boy" [Joe]. Spencer says Keith's choice won't sway the vote against him.

Stephen says there are many clusters of power here and he has no idea what's coming. Jeff asks Jeremy about voting blocs. He says there was a plan and then people start walking off and it changes. Tasha says there has been a lot of talk about Stephen's advantage. Stephen says he knew he would be a target when he went for the advantage.

Jeremy says everyone knows it so it's bad in a way and is a disadvantage. Fish says you have to vote for the best thing for you right now. Ciera says this complicates things because there are no lines. Ciera says this is an exciting vote and says it would be suck if she's blindsided and if turning her white rock up could be a million-dollar mistake.

The votes start. Abi-Maria votes for "Fishback" (Stephen). No other votes are shown. Jeff comes back and calls for Immunity Idols. Jeremy plays an idol and says it's for Stephen. That drops jaws. Joe buries his head in his hands. Stephen thanks him. The votes are: Stephen, Stephen, Stephen, Stephen, Stephen, Ciera, Ciera, Kimmi, Kimmi, and the last vote is Ciera. With the 5 votes against Stephen discounted, Ciera becomes the 9th person voted out of Survivor: Cambodia and the 4th member of the jury. She tells Jeremy "well played".

Jeremy whispers to Spencer that he would do the same thing for him. Jeff says "the tribe has spoken" and extinguishes Ciera's torch. Ciera wishes them luck and leaves. Jeff says it's another big move and sends them back to camp. Ciera says it was her night to go and she got people to play a little harder and is happy she went out with a fight and can go home in peace.


Challenge: Basket Brawl
In each round, three people from each team will battle for a ball and work together to get that ball into a basket. Meanwhile, the other team tries to stop them any way they can. Every time they get a ball in the basket, they score a point. The first team to three wins reward.
Reward: A trip to a Cambodian circus, complete with lunch under shelter from the rain.
Winners: Purple Team (Abi-Maria Gomes, Ciera Eastin, Joe Anglim, Spencer Bledsoe, and Tasha Fox)

Challenge: Ballin' A Jack
The castaways will each stand on a small block while stabilizing a ball against an overhanging piece of wood. If at any point they lose their concentration or their balance, the ball will drop and they are then out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins.
Winner: Joe Anglim

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
S31 stephen t.png
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S31 abimaria t.pngS31 joe t.png
S31 keith t.pngS31 spencer t.pngS31 tasha t.png
Abi-Maria, Joe, Keith, Spencer, Tasha
(votes not counted)
S31 ciera t.png
Ciera (3 votes)
S31 jeremy t.pngS31 kimmi t.pngS31 stephen t.png
Jeremy, Kimmi, Stephen
S31 kimmi t.png
Kimmi (2 votes)
S31 ciera t.pngS31 kelley t.png
Ciera, Kelley
S31 ciera bw.png
Ciera Eastin

Voting Confessionals

Abi-Maria was shown writing Stephen's name down on the parchment.

Final Words

S31 ciera bw.png

Tonight, I guess, was my night to go, you know? I have been telling people, "Let's play hard, let's play this game." I got people to play a little bit harder and I can genuinely say I went out with a fight, and at least I can go home with that peace.

Still in the Running

S31 vytas bw.png
S31 shirin bw.png
S31 peihgee bw.png
S31 jeff bw.png
S31 monica bw.png
S31 terry bw.png
S31 woo bw.png
S31 kass bw.png
S31 andrew bw.png
S31 kelly bw.png
S31 ciera bw.png
S31 abimaria t.png
S31 jeremy t.png
S31 joe t.png
S31 keith t.png
S31 kelley t.png
S31 kimmi t.png
S31 spencer t.png
S31 stephen t.png
S31 tasha t.png


Life at Ponderosa

Ciera gets her customary post-game weigh-in where she lost 14 lbs. She says she is not excited to see Andrew at Ponderosa when she hops on the truck and talks about spending only 2 days at Ponderosa in her previous season with her mother, Laura Morett, and is excited to stay at Ponderosa this time for more than 2 days to relax. When she arrives at Ponderosa, only Kass gives her a warm welcome; Andrew and Kelly say hello to her, but are not interested in speaking to her, notably Kelly because Kelly didn't like how she got voted out the day before her birthday. When Ciera wished her a belated Happy Birthday, Kelly got annoyed and left the dining room area.

The next day, Ciera tries to make peace with Andrew by smiling at him and joking with him. She enjoys the food at Ponderosa and Andrew notices she's eating a lot. Later while relaxing on the beach, Ciera says she is very grateful to have gotten a second chance playing the game.[2]


  • After this episode, both Jeremy and Joe, who both placed 10th on their original seasons respectively, have improved on their previous placements.

Episode Title

  • The title was said by Spencer Bledsoe referring to the decision of sacrificing individual immunity and risk elimination at Tribal Council in exchange for comfort in the form of shelter from the torrents.


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