Libertad is the merged tribe of Espada and La Flor from Survivor: Nicaragua.

Their tribe color is red.


 Alina Wilson
S21 alina t
 Benry Henry
S21 benry t
 Brenda Lowe
S21 brenda t
 Chase Rice
S21 chase t
 Dan Lembo
S21 dan t
 Fabio Birza
S21 fabio t
 Holly Hoffman
S21 holly t
 Jane Bright
S21 jane t
 Kelly Shinn
S21 kellys t
 Marty Piombo
S21 marty t
 NaOnka Mixon
S21 naonka t
 Sash Lenahan
S21 sash t

Tribe History

On Day 19 the two tribes of Espada and La Flor merged into Libertad. The remaining castaways enjoy the traditional merge feast. At the Immunity Challenge, Jane and Fabio win Immunity Necklaces. Alina was voted off by a vote of 10-2 and became the first Jury member.

The following Reward Challenge was played in teams. The team of Benry, Dan, Fabio, Marty, and Sash won the reward. Brenda wins the Immunity Challenge. Marty was voted off by a vote of 7-4 and became the second jury member.

The next Reward Challenge was once again played in teams. The team of Chase, Fabio, Jane, Kelly S., and NaOnka wins the Reward Challenge. While at the Reward Challenge on Day 28, the tribe's campfire, which was not put out before the challenge, burnt the entire campground. Jane, Fabio, Sash, and Holly returned from the challenge to find their shelter completed burnt to the ground. As mentioned in an interview by Brenda Lowe, it was Jane that "burnt down" Libertad's camp. As Lowe mentioned, the tribe put their four reward chests to barricade the fire, and before they left, Jane was concerned the fire would burn out and put more wood into the fire. The tarp, the shelter (not fully), some personal items, and all four reward chests were destroyed in the fire. Jane wins the Immunity Challenge. At the Tribal Council, Brenda was voted off by a vote of 8-1-1 and became the third jury member.

The following Reward Challenge was still played in teams. This Reward Challenge featured the sit-out member (Dan) being able to guess a team that would win. At the Reward Challenge, Kelly S. and NaOnka voice desires to quit the game. The team of Benry, Chase, Holly, and NaOnka won the Reward Challenge. Dan chose them and partook in the reward. Probst also said that if one of the winners of the reward would give up their reward, then the tribe will be given a new supply of rice and a tarp. Despite NaOnka announcing that she wanted to quit the game, she did not give up the reward. Holly was the one who stepped up and gave up the reward to benefit the tribe. Probst said to give NaOnka and Kelly some time to think about their decision of quitting and meet at Tribal Council that night. NaOnka and Kelly S. decided to quit the game and became the fourth and fifth jury members of the jury, respectively.

Chase wins the next Reward Challenge. He invites Jane and Holly to partake in the reward annoying Holly because it would give Sash an opportunity to flip on them with the outcasts of their alliance on the camp. Sash won the Immunity Challenge. Benry was voted off by a vote of 4-2-1 and became the sixth jury member.

Chase wins the Reward Challenge once again and invites Holly and Sash. Fabio wins the Immunity Challenge. Jane was voted off by a vote of 5-0 and became the seventh jury member. Sash played a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating one vote against him.

The final five arrive at the Immunity Challenge. Fabio wins the Immunity Challenge. Dan was voted off by a vote of 4-1 and became the eighth member. Fabio also wins the Final Immunity Challenge. Holly was voted off by a vote of 3-1 and became the ninth/final jury member. The final three of Fabio, Chase, and Sash face the jury.

At the Reunion Show, Fabio was announced the winner by a vote of 5-4-0, with Chase and Sash placing 2nd and 3rd, respectively.




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