Levu is a tribe from Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. They are the "Heroes" tribe, consisting of players who serve their duties heroically and courageously. Their tribe color is blue.


 Alan Ball
32, Houston, TX
NFL player
S35 alan t
 Ashley Nolan
26, Satellite Beach, FL
S35 ashley t
 Ben Driebergen
34, Boise, ID
S35 ben t
 Chrissy Hofbeck
46, Lebanon Township, NJ
S35 chrissy t
 JP Hilsabeck
28, Los Angeles, CA
S35 jp t
 Katrina Radke
46, Excelsior, MN
S35 katrina t

 Alan Ball
S35 alan t
 Ashley Nolan
S35 ashley t
 Desi Williams
S35 desi t
 Devon Pinto
S35 devon t
 Joe Mena
S35 joe t

Tribe History

The Heroes

On Day 1, Ben, Alan, JP, and Ashley formed an alliance, leaving Chrissy and Katrina on the outside. However, on Night 2, Alan tried to cause chaos, and confronted JP and Ashley for having a Hidden Immunity Idol which they denied. Alan's actions fractured the alliance. When Levu lost the season's first Immunity Challenge, Alan considered working with Katrina and Chrissy and voting out Ashley, but at Tribal Council, he stuck with his alliance and Katrina was unanimously voted out.

Then Ashley and JP started distancing themselves from each other because of Alan. On Day 4, Chrissy and Ben formed an alliance. They eventually decided to work with Ashley, and target either Alan or JP. Meanwhile, Alan slowly showed signs of weakness and inability to cope in the wilderness. However, Levu won the next two Immunity Challenges.

The Switch

As a result of the switch, Alan and Ashley remained on Levu and were joined by original Soko members Joe and Desi, and original Yawa member Devon. Out of necessity, Alan and Ashley buried the hatchet.

When Levu lost immunity, Joe intentionally started an argument with Ashley and Alan which caused them to target him. Devon was the swing vote. At Tribal Council, Devon was unable to vote due to an advantage used against him by Jessica from Yawa, and Joe played a Hidden Immunity Idol which resulted in Alan's elimination. This helped to even the odds between the two factions of Levu.

The next day, Ashley and Devon committed their loyalty to each other and talked about pulling Desi in. The tension was alleviated when Levu powered through and won the Reward Challenge, but this did not last long. With the possibility of a rock draw upon the tribe, Levu was granted a reprieve when they won the Immunity Challenge. On Day 15, Desi told Ashley she would consider flipping on Joe. However, Levu did not go to Tribal Council as they won immunity yet again.




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