Letter Hunt (also known as Sudden Death) is a recurring challenge in Survivor.


The castaways would race into a field to collect three bags containing letter tiles. Each time they untie a bag, they must bring it back to their station. Once they have collected all three bags they would untie them and start working on the two-word phrase. The first person to solve the phrase correctly wins immunity.


In Survivor: Thailand, the castaways had to collect a series of placards, each bearing an English letter, which they would have to acquire at successive stations along a course. Once they had gathered all the letters, they would have to unscramble them to form two mystery words. The challenge came down to Brian Heidik and Ted Rogers, Jr.. Brian managed to unscramble the letters, but misspelled the phrase and yelled it out aloud, giving Ted the correct answer who took advantage and won reward. Ted won a Chevrolet Trailblazer and a Thai dinner and massage, which he shared with Helen Glover.

In Survivor: Guatemala, the challenge was for individual immunity at a Double Tribal Council, and the winning tribe of the previous Reward Challenge would compete. Judd couldn't get his bag of puzzle pieces open and while looking at Rafe's letters, he figures out the answer, which he accidentally gives to Rafe, which leads him to winning immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"The Tides Are Turning"
Individual Reward S5 ted t
Ted Rogers, Jr.
"Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble"
Individual Immunity S11 rafe t
Rafe Judkins



  • Only men in a yellow tribe have won this challenge.
  • Both winners were benefited by another player accidentally giving them the answer.
  • Both winners were the last man voted out of their season.


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