Let's Make a Move is the penultimate episode of Survivor: San Juan del Sur.


Day 32

Day 33

Day 34

Day 35


Challenge: Austin's Elemental Obstacle Course
The tribe will be divided into two teams. The players from each team will be attached to each other with ropes attached to belts around their waists. They will begin by racing through a tunnel of hay. They will then make their way over and under a series of hitching posts. The next step is to grab a bucket, fill it with water and make their way over a giant teeter-totter. They will then pour the water from their bucket into a larger bucket. When the larger bucket is full, it will lower a gate. The team will then race through the gate to solve a plank puzzle. The first team to get it right will win reward.
Reward: Trip to a Spa with lunch.
Winner: Blue Team (Jon Misch, Keith Nale, and Missy Payne) (Jon Misch gave up his reward to Baylor Wilson; exiled Natalie Anderson)

Challenge: Vase Off
The castaways will each hold onto two handles with their hands, while their feet are balancing on a teeter-totter. Attached to the teeter-totter is a vase. The longer the challenge goes, the more difficult it will be to balance the vase. When their vase drops, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins Immunity.
Winner: Natalie Anderson

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
S29 jaclyn t.png
Jaclyn (2 votes)
S29 baylor t.pngS29 missy t.png
Baylor, Missy
S29 jon t.png
Jon (2 votes)
S29 keith t.pngS29 natalie t.png
Keith, Natalie
S29 keith t.png
Keith (2 votes)
S29 jaclyn t.pngS29 jon t.png
Jaclyn, Jon
S29 jaclyn t.pngS29 jon t.pngS29 keith t.png
Jaclyn, Jon, Keith (2 votes each)

(Jaclyn, Jon, and Keith ineligible to vote)
S29 jon t.png
Jon (2 votes)
S29 baylor t.pngS29 natalie t.png
Baylor, Natalie
S29 jaclyn t.png
Jaclyn (1 vote)
S29 missy t.png
S29 keith t.png
Keith (0 votes)
S29 jon bw.png
Jon Misch

Voting Confessionals

Voting confessionals were not shown on this episode. Natalie's confessional was shown on the next episode. Revote confessionals were unavailable.

(voting against Jon) This is payback for Jeremy. Hope you like it.

Natalie Anderson

Final Words

S29 jon bw.png

I thought I was doing a really good job. Putting my trust in the right people but it ended biting me in the butt. Missy and Natalie really did a good job getting my trust. Honestly, didn't feel this one coming. I definitely regret not playing my Idol. Jaclyn, I hope that you make it to the final three. Kick butt. I know you can do it, babe. You know you got my vote.

Still in the Running

S29 nadiya bw.png
S29 val bw.png
S29 john bw.png
S29 drew bw.png
S29 kelley bw.png
S29 dale bw.png
S29 julie bw.png
S29 josh bw.png
S29 jeremy bw.png
S29 wes bw.png
S29 reed bw.png
S29 alec bw.png
S29 jon bw.png
S29 baylor t.png
S29 jaclyn t.png
S29 keith t.png
S29 missy t.png
S29 natalie t.png


Behind the Scenes


  • This episode was voted the 17th best Survivor episode of all time in the "Top 25 Greatest Episodes of all time" poll by Survivor Oz in 2015
  • With Jon's elimination, Keith is the only male left in the game.
  • This episode was the first time a 2-2-2 split vote occurred after the merge.
  • Missy became the second castaway to outright forfeit an individual challenge without reaping some sort of a reward, following Phillip Sheppard in "Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Previous forfeitures had castaways being given an opportunity to compete at the challenge or just eat at a banquet nearby.
  • Each pair of loved ones this episode each voted against a different castaway, while the only remaining players without their loved ones in the game voted against the same castaway also.
  • With Jon's elimination, Missy and Baylor have become the last pair of loved ones left standing.
  • Missy's vote at the revote was not shown at the episode. According to post-game interviews, she voted against Jaclyn.[2][3]

Episode Title

  • The title of the episode was said by Baylor when talking about trying to convince her mother to vote against Jon.


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