Let's Make a Deal is the eleventh episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 28

After Jerri Manthey's surprise elimination, morale in Barramundi reached an all-time high, especially that of Jerri's bitter rival Keith Famie, who even sings, "Ding-dong, the witch is dead!" Amber Brkich, on the other hand, feels that she is in a precarious position now that her closest ally has been eliminated, but Keith tells her that it was a mistake for Amber to ally herself with Jerri. Despite good moods, the days' worth of starvation has taken its toll on the castaways. The tribe has run out of food and hasn't eaten in 24 hours. Keith resorts to chasing grasshoppers, while other tribe members try to fish, though their efforts are futile.

Day 29

The castaways are surprised by Jeff Probst at the challenge because instead of competing in a challenge, a food auction will commence. Each tribe member gets $500 to spend on whatever they choose.

After the auction, most of the tribe (with the exception of Colby Donaldson and Amber) finds their stomachs upsetting after munching their desired food. Adding insult to injury, the rampant heavy rains continue. The overflowing Herbert River has come dangerously close to the camp. The tribe decides to relocate the tent to a higher ground.

Day 30

The tribe has gotten tired of Nick Brown's laziness. Rodger Bingham and Elisabeth Filarski are disappointed because Nick seems to be saving all his energy for the challenges instead of doing any work around camp.

Their next Immunity Challenge tests the remaining castaways' ability to make fire. The first person to build a fire and light a fuse wins. Nick jumps out to an early lead, but Colby works more tediously to create his fire. His patience pays off, as his fuse started to spark. Colby wins immunity.

Back at camp, the lack of food has taken its toll on the castaways, and everyone is getting very weak. Jeff Probst visits the camp and makes the castaways a deal: he'll give them a large supply of rice, but they must give him their tarps and Colby's giant Texas flag. The tribe has little choice but to accept the trade, leaving them with food but no shelter, making them more vulnerable to the harsh environment. When Jeff leaves the camp, the emotionally battered Barramundi tribe was forced to create a new shelter.

When Barramundi goes to Tribal Council, Keith feels secure in his place in the game as he did not bring his bag. This earns him a vote from Nick, who deems Keith as arrogant. Elisabeth and Rodger vote for Amber. But the decision is a foregone conclusion, and all four ex-Ogakors' votes are all for Nick, sending him packing.


Challenge: Survivor Auction
The Barramundi tribe met host Jeff Probst at the Reward Challenge, the first Survivor Auction. Each person was given a money pouch that contained 500 Australian dollars that they would use to bid on various food items.

Challenge: Fire and Water
Castaways will have a very high seesaw-contraption with two small drums, one on each side (the first side has a small hole at the bottom, while the their drum was hollowed in the middle). They must create a large fire in the hollowed drum, while filling the other drum with water (the logic is to keep the fire going while filling the water can to rise the fire can). The first person to ignite the fuse on top of their seesaw wins.
Winner: Colby Donaldson

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
S2 nick t
Nick (4 votes)
S2 amber tS2 colby tS2 keith tS2 tina t
Amber, Colby, Keith, Tina
S2 amber t
Amber (2 votes)
S2 elisabeth tS2 rodger t
Elisabeth, Rodger
S2 keith t
Keith (1 vote)
S2 nick t
S2 nick bw
Nick Brown

Voting Confessionals

Amber, Colby, and Keith's confessionals are only available on DVD.

(voting for Keith) My vote is for Keith tonight, because, unlike everybody else, he didn't feel the need to bring his backpack, and, uh, that's just flat-out arrogance.

Nick Brown

(voting for Nick) Tonight, my vote is for Nick. Um, it just seems like you weren't really giving all that you possibly could. I offered you the fishing pole one day, and you said, "Never fished a day in my life. Why should I start now?", and that really confused me, so that's why I'm voting for you tonight.

Amber Brkich

(voting for Nick) Hey, Nick. You're a great guy, and you're a great competitor. And you're tough to beat, and that's the reason you're getting the vote tonight.

Keith Famie

(voting for Nick) Nick, uh... it's a game, my man. I know it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to since the merge, but, uh... it could easily be you sitting up there voting me off tonight. But that's the way it works. It's just a big game. And on the other side, me and you are gonna have a lotta fun.

Colby Donaldson

(voting for Nick) You seem like a really great guy, but you said you were tired of playing the game, and that you weren't having fun anymore. So, here's your ticket, buddy.

Tina Wesson

Final Words

It's been a great adventure, had some great times and some big lows. The last few days have been really rough on me, and, uh, it's taught me a lot about not only my strengths but more importantly, my weaknesses. I kind of feel invincible at times, and, uh, Survivor has been a big reality check for me. It's been a ride; it's definitely been a ride.

Nick Brown

Still in the Running

S2 debb bw
S2 kel bw
S2 maralyn bw
S2 mitchell bw
S2 kimmi bw
S2 michael bw
S2 jeff bw
S2 alicia bw
S2 jerri bw
S2 nick bw
S2 amber t
S2 colby t
S2 elisabeth t
S2 keith t
S2 rodger t
S2 tina t



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