Let's Get Rid of the Weak Players Before We Even Start is the premiere episode of Survivor: Tocantins.


Day 1

Sixteen castaways already split into two tribes, Timbira and Jalapao, were dropped off by truck in a clearing. The game started immediately with Jeff Probst announcing that the tribes will only have 60 seconds to gather as many supplies from the back of the truck as they could. Timbira hoarded all of the water and food supplies, leaving Jalapao with only some melons and few supplies. Jeff then announced that the tribe's campsites were about a 4-hour trek by foot away, that one person from each tribe "would not be making the journey" and a vote would take place immediately. Jalapao voted for Sandy and Timbira voted for Sierra. Sandy and Sierra thought they were being voted out the game, but Jeff announced that they would only not be making the trek to camp, and instead, they would be flown to their respective campsites by helicopter. When Sandy and Sierra arrived at their respective campsites, they were given the option to start setting up camp or follow clues to a disposable Hidden Immunity Idol that can only be used during their tribe's first Tribal Council. Sandy opted to follow the clues, but did not find the idol before her tribe arrived. Sierra opted to start setting up the camp in order to improve her impression with her tribe. Carolina was upset that Sandy did not work on the campsite. Timbira's trek did not end until dark, by which time Sierra had built a shelter big enough to house the entire tribe. Despite her hard work, Coach's view on Sierra did not change and he still wanted to vote her out first.

Day 2

Day 3

Sandy resumed her search for the Hidden Immunity Idol, but was stumped by the second clue. At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, Sandy gave Jalapao a big lead by building the staircase quickly. However, Brendan and Erinn quickly solved the table maze for a comeback victory for Timbira. Back at Jalapao's camp, Carolina's bossy personality irritated the others, while Sandy's effort at the challenge impressed her tribemates. Still concerned about being voted out, Sandy went searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol before Tribal Council, but was again unsuccessful. Carolina approached Sandy before Tribal Council, presumptuously apologizing once again that Sandy would be voted out that night. At Tribal Council, Sandy returned the favor by writing "sorry" on her vote for Carolina. Jalapao decided that Carolina should leave and she was unanimously voted out 7–1. Before sending the tribe back to camp, Jeff gave them flint.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: A River, Run Though It
Six members of each tribe would race across a series of sand hills and into a river to retrieve a raft with puzzle planks tied to it. When all six members of the tribe returned to shore with the raft, the puzzle planks could be untied and taken back to the start line. The two remaining tribe members would assemble the planks into a staircase. Once all of the tribe was at the top of the staircase, two tribe members would work together to navigate a peg through a table maze, which would release the tribe's flag, giving that tribe victory in the challenge.
Reward: Flint
Winner: Timbira

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
S18 carolina t
Carolina (7 votes)
S18 jt tS18 joe tS18 sandy t
S18 spencer tS18 stephen tS18 sydney tS18 taj t
J.T., Joe, Sandy, Spencer, Stephen, Sydney, Taj
S18 sandy t
Sandy (1 vote)
S18 carolina t
S18 carolina bw
Carolina Eastwood

Voting Confessionals

Retrieved from Survivor Shrine[2]

(votes for Sandy) Sorry Sandy.

Carolina Eastwood

(votes for Carolina) Beautiful inside and out, but I'm voting with the tribe, and everyone thinks you're bossy. I'm sorry.

Sydney Wheeler

(votes for Carolina) Carolina, if all of my tribemates have been honest with me, and you'll be the first voted out of Survivor 18 and not me; I hope this is true.

Sandy Burgin

(votes for Carolina) Tonight, you talk about being demanding, you think? That's why you're getting my vote tonight. You surpassed my irritation threshold and everyone else's.

Spencer Duhm

(votes for Carolina) If you want to play a social game, you have to be subtle. You've made about 50 moves in 3 days. For the sake of the tribe and my own sake, you've got to go.

Stephen Fishbach

(votes for Carolina) Just playing to being a social game play to early.

J.T. Thomas

(votes for Carolina) This is a vote of respect, you're very capable of getting what you want.

Joe Dowdle

(votes for Carolina) We love you, girl, we just can't live with you.

Taj Johnson-George

Final Words

I just got completely blindsided. I'm the first person voted off. I'm not gonna lie like I'm pissed off, like, this sucks, it's embarrassing, However, I'm gonna be the bigger person and wish them well. I think initially what got me voted off was my mouth. You know, It's a lesson learned, but I totally got duped, you guys are good good.

Carolina Eastwood

Still in the Running

S18 carolina bw
S18 brendan t
S18 candace t
S18 coach t
S18 debbie t
S18 erinn t
S18 jt t
S18 jerry t
S18 joe t
S18 sandy t
S18 sierra t
S18 spencer t
S18 stephen t
S18 sydney t
S18 taj t
S18 tyson t