Leandro "Lee" Den Haan is a contestant from Survivor New Zealand: Nicaragua.

Lee started off strong in the Hermosa Tribe and was part of Majority Alliance but after the Tribe Swap Lee was sent to the New look Mogotón Tribe with former Tribe mates Jak Thomas and Mike Sparrow and gaining the trust of former Mogoton castaway Tom Paterson he stayed in a strong position until Merge. Lee thought he was in a comfortable position in the early stage of Merge but with Shannon Quinn flipping on the majority alliance this sent Lee to Redemption Island where he ended up losing his first Duel with former tribemate Mike. Where he placed 10th.


How would you describe yourself? Laid back, inquisitive, adventurous.

Why are you doing Survivor? It sounded like a rad time!

What did you do to prepare? Nothing!

What are your pet peeves? Snoring! People who snore!

What's your strategy? Ride it like a wave man!

Survivor NZ

Voting History

Lee's Voting History
Episode Lee's
Voted Against
1 Dee -
2 Hermosa Tribe Immune
4 Hermosa Tribe Immune
6 Mogotón Tribe Immune
8 Shay -
10 Shay Avi, Barb, Nate
Sala, Shannon, Shay
Voted Out, Day 19
11 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 22
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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  • Lee was the first person to become a Jury member in Survivor NZ.


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