Lee-Anne van Renen is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets.

An outcast from the start, Lee-Anne was distrusted by some of her tribemates for her quietness, though she quickly attempted to repair her relations after Sa'ula lost the first Immunity Challenge. The majority alliance initially gave her a pass and decided to vote for Seipei Mashugane, but Nathan Castle successfully convinced them to vote for Lee-Anne instead at Tribal Council, sending her home in a 5-2 vote.


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Surname: van Renen
Age: 33
Occupation: Life coach, Mrs Cape Town 2018
From: Durbanville, Cape Town

Mother of two, Lee-Anne van Renen, interrupted her duties as reigning Mrs Cape Town 2018 to prove her resilience onSurvivor SA and tear up stereotypical beauty queen labels. She's married to the bassist of the band Taxi Violence, holds an honours degree in Psychology, obtained five distinctions in matric, captained the KZN action netball team, counsels drug addicts and traumatised teens, and has survived several personal tragedies, including a cancer scare and double miscarriage. Even though she may come across as sweet and kind-hearted – and she is – she has a spirit of steel. A mere month after the trauma of losing her twins, she completed the 947 cycle race. Lee-Anne pours her heart into NGOs to make a difference and says she entered Survivor SA not only to win, "but also to step into the shoes of those who have absolutely nothing; no bed, no food, no warmth, no shelter".[1]

Survivor South Africa

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Voting History

Lee-Anne's Voting History
Episode Lee-Anne's
Voted Against
1 Seipei Nathan, Nicole,
Rob, Seipei, Steffi
Voted Out, Day 3



  • Lee-Anne and fellow Sa'ula tribe member Nicole Capper knew each other before the game, both having competed for the title of Mrs. South Africa 2017.


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