Leann Slaby is a contestant from Survivor: Vanuatu.


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Born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin, Leann Slaby graduated from D.C. Everest High School in Schofield, Wisconsin. After high school, she began modeling in Minneapolis. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Milwaukee and has been doing commercial print modeling in both Milwaukee and Chicago for the past 15 years.

About four years ago, Slaby began acting, having done various commercials, and has appeared in two independent films. She has been singing in a cover band for four years as well. She sang the National Anthem at games for the Milwaukee Admirals and Milwaukee Brewers.

For the last ten years, Slaby has also been working as a research assistant for an investment firm in Milwaukee.

In 1998, Slaby donated one of her kidneys to her father when his kidneys began failing due to diabetes. Six years later, his new kidney is still working wonderfully.

Slaby, big on adventure and thrills, enjoys bungee jumping and skydiving. Her hobbies include fishing, volleyball, golf and blackjack in Las Vegas.

Recently divorced, Slaby, a huge animal lover, currently lives in the Milwaukee area with her dog, Floyd. Her birth date is July 8, 1969.[1]


Leann Slaby was placed on the all-female Yasur tribe. On the walk to the camp, Leann agreed with Scout Cloud Lee about waiting until morning. Yasur did make it to camp that night. The women was able to win the first challenge of the season because Chris Daugherty fumbled on the balance beam. The women also won the Reward Challenge because the men had difficulty crossing the balance beam. Despite this, the women were divided by youth and work ethic. The working women was joined by Ami Cusack. The women hoped to gain Dolly Neely would join them, but Dolly not commit to either side. Leann summarized this as her looking out for everyone's best interests, but noted that isn't possible in this game. The Lopevi men won immunity. Dolly redirected the vote off of Twila Tanner to Leann. At Tribal Council, Dolly remained loyal to her original alliance. Leann was saved because Eliza Orlins gotten paranoid and lost trust in Dolly.

Both tribes had to go to Tribal Council and would compete in a tribal challenge to compete for individual immunity. The women lost the tribal challenge. In a final twist, the winner of individual immunity, John Kenney, would stay with the women until their Tribal Council to give one of them immunity. John divided the women by who voted out Dolly and who did not. At Tribal Council, Eliza returned to the younger women, but Lisa Keiffer flipped to the older women. This sent the temperamental Mia Galeotalanza home. Yasur won the Reward Challenge, earning the expertise of a local bushman. Leann was amazed of how so much food was in their backyard. The women also won immunity.

Instead of the usual Tree Mail, two Ni-Vanuatu men came to the camp. They asked for the tribes chief, which they nominated Scout for being the oldest and the wisest. Before the challenge, everyone had to drop their buffs. Scout assigned Leann to be with Eliza, Travis Sampson, and Rory Freeman. Scout also added Ami to the group. Lea Masters deemed the other tribe the new Lopevi, meaning Leann stayed on Yasur.  Lisa decided to join Yasur. The Reward Challenge was held after, which Yasur barely lost. The women showed the newcomers what they learned from the bushman, something Ami disagreed with. Yasur also lost immunity. Ami rallied the women against Travis for trying to give a signal to Chris. The women lost the Reward Challenge for steak and eggs. Leann comforted Eliza because the latter felt she caused them the challenge. Yasur continued to lose challenges and lost immunity. Ami lost trust in Lisa and had an argument with the latter. Leann joined in voting out Lisa. Yasur finally won a challenge, winning a trip to the Survivor Cafe. Everyone bonded over coffee and pictures of loved ones. Rory also gave the women immunity.

After losing Milk, Cookies, and Cake in a Reward Challenge, The tribes merged at the Immunity Challenge. Yasur decided to move the Lopevi camp. Leann participated in the first heat, but was unable to keep up with Chris, Eliza, and Lea. Lea eventually won immunity. Upon arriving to the camp, everyone enjoyed a large feast and leftover cake. Rory flipped back to Lopevi, but Julie and Twila flipped to the women. With the majority, Rory was voted out in a 6-4 vote. At the first Reward Challenge, Leann bests Twila to win a picnic to Mt. Yasur. Julie was asked to join her. They discussed strategy, forming an alliance between them and Ami. At the Immunity Challenge, it came down to her, Julie and Ami. Because both Julie and Leann made mistakes, Ami won. Lea was next man to go, becoming the first member of the jury. At the Reward Challenge, She, Twila, Scout, and Julie lost. Scout secretly plotted with the men to blindside Eliza. At the Immunity Challenge, Leann did well but was outlasted by Chad Crittenden and Twila. Ami stomped the plot and Chad was sent to the jury.

The next challenges was the Loved Ones Challenge, which Leann did not win either one. Leann was bothered by the fact that Chris was going to be voted out, while Eliza stays in the game. Despite wanting Chris gone, Ami was willing to accommodate her. Concerned about her status in the game after Scout was replaced by Julie, Twila talked to Chris about dethroning Ami. They made amends and recruited Eliza. Because Ami was immune and Leann was considered closer to Ami and did better than Julie in challenges. The plan did work, and Leann was blindsided in a 4-3 vote.

At Final Tribal Council. Leann asked Twila what was the thought process in the decision and why she should reward her for it.  Twila said by replacing Scout with Julie, Twila felt they could easily turn on her. Leann reminded her that she did nothing to make her look untrustworthy. Twila bluntly told that she lost trust in Leann after bringing Julie. Twila apologized as she fully trusted Leann up until that point and finished by saying the move was purely strategic. Leann wanted Chris to convinced her to abandon the women's alliance and vote for him. Chris said the merge his work was cut for him. He needed a back door, which was opened by Twila. Chris said he deserved to win because of his perseverance. In the end, Leann voted for Chris to win.

Voting History

Leann's Voting History
Episode Leann's
Voted Against
1 Yasur Tribe Immune
2 Dolly Dolly, Julie,
Lisa, Mia
3 Mia -
4 Yasur Tribe Immune
5 Travis -
6 Lisa -
7 Yasur Tribe Immune
8 Rory -
9 Lea -
10 Chad -
11 Eliza Chris, Eliza,
Twila, Scout
Voted Out, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Leann is an actress and has been in over a dozen productions since her time on Vanuatu.
  • On January 9, 2010, Leann attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party along with all of her Vanuatu cast mates.
  • In 2011, Leann married and as of 2020, lives in Redondo Beach, California. Leann has also considered applying for The Amazing Race with her "work wife".[2]
  • In August 2014, Leann, along with Fiji castaway Rita Verreos, won an award for "Best Relationship with Fans" at the Reality Awards.


  • An earthquake occurred during one of Leann's confessionals.
  • Leann's 35th birthday was on Day 13 of Vanuatu.


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