Lavita is the merged tribe of Malolo​​​, Naviti, and Yanuya from Survivor: Ghost Island. Their tribe color is black.


 Angela Perkins
S36 angela t
 Chelsea Townsend
S36 chelsea t
 Chris Noble
S36 chris t
 Desiree Afuye
S36 desiree t
 Domenick Abbate
S36 domenick t
 Donathan Hurley
S36 donathan t
 Jenna Bowman
S36 jenna t
 Kellyn Bechtold
S36 kellyn t
 Laurel Johnson
S36 laurel t
 Libby Vincek
S36 libby t
 Michael Yerger
S36 michael t
 Sebastian Noel
S36 sebastian t
 Wendell Holland
S36 wendell t

Tribe History

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  • Lavita is located at the former Naviti camp.
  • Coincidentally, "lavi-ta" is a real Fijian word, which means "to bring or take fire for any purpose", which also coincidentally describes how Tribal Councils work, as castaways bring their lit torches and determine the next castaway voted out.[2]


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