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Laura Suzanne Kampstra Morett[1] is a contestant from Survivor: Samoa and Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

In Samoa, Laura emerged as one of the strongest women on her tribe. As a result, fellow tribemate Shambo Waters constantly had personality conflicts with her, and was viewed as the main opposition to notorious villain Russell Hantz, which ultimately led her to being targeted by both Russell and Shambo. She was ultimately blindsided at the final ten as a result of John Fincher flipping his vote to her during the revote to avoid the rock drawing tiebreaker.

In Blood vs. Water, she was blindsided by her Galang tribe, only to fight her way back to the game on Redemption Island. Later, she and her daughter Ciera Eastin became the last pair left in the game, with Laura becoming the first and only contestant to be voted out by their loved one. She ultimately came in 6th place after losing the final duel to Tina Wesson. She also broke the previous record held by Phillip Sheppard and Ozzy Lusth for most votes received in a single season, with 19.


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Laura Morett (39)
Hometown: Salem, Ore.
Occupation: Office Manager

Laura Morett is a 39-year-old Hawaiian mother, wife of 21 years and also a grandmother. Her beauty is complimented by the fact that one of her occupations is fitness instructor, which helps her stay in shape and gives her the energy to keep up with her three kids and two-year-old grandchild. When she is not spending time with her family, working out or riding her Harley, this conservative Christian is running the lobby message center at the Oregon State Capitol building for over 400 lobbyists.

Similar religious and political beliefs, as well as the fact that her daughter had a child at 18, has Laura referring to herself as a, "fit version of Sarah Palin." Laura enjoys listening to Christian music and is studying women's ministry. In addition, Laura counsels couples in her church based on her experiences in a long-lasting marriage with a man she describes as her other half.

Determined and competitive, she freely admits that she wants to win Survivor for the money but in doing so claims that she would never do anything to compromise her faith to get it.

Currently, Laura resides in Salem, Ore. and her birthday is July 30.[2]

Name (Age): Laura Morett (43)
Tribe Designation: Returning Player
Relationship to Significant Castaway: Ciera's Mother
Previous Season: Survivor: Samoa – 3rd jury member
Current Residence: Salem, Ore.
Occupation: Co-owner of Morett construction

Why Did You Want to Return to Survivor and Play with Your Loved One? So that Ciera will understand what I went through. Now for the rest of our lives we'll always have this experience to remember and share.[3]



Laura was placed on the Galu Tribe. Galu would generally dominate in challenges and Laura enjoyed the benefits of the tribe's success. On Day 12, however, Foa Foa would win immunity in large part due to Monica Padilla slowing the tribe down on the ropes. Despite that, Laura joined the tribe in eliminating Yasmin Giles for her lack of work ethic. Galu would win all remaining challenges but this would not come without its drawbacks. On Day 15, Russell Swan collapsed and was pulled from the game. After Russell's departure, alliances formed within Galu. Laura found herself aligned with Monica and Kelly Sharbaugh, while the men aligned themselves with Shambo Waters. Over this time the women minus Shambo formed a close bond, while Shambo developed a deep despise for Laura. The next day, Shambo sent Laura to observe Foa Foa, much to her anger. Laura summarized the reasoning for this being so Shambo could say she is in charge. While at Foa Foa, Laura bonded with Natalie White based on their similar interests. Russell Hantz also tried to get Laura on his side by showing her his Hidden Immunity Idol and making a Final Two deal with her, but she didn't trust him.

On Day 19, Laura had a major argument with Shambo. Later that day, the tribes merged and Laura immediately become the target of Russell for her strength, leadership, and conflict with Shambo. However, This plan was put on hold when Laura was able to win immunity. Meanwhile, Erik Cardona wanted to vote out Monica, with the belief that Laura would turn to him and he would be able to control her. Erik told the former Foa Foa's to vote Monica at Tribal Council, but none of them had the intention of doing so. Seeing the opportunity to further her former tribemates in the game, Natalie alerted the Galu women of his plot and Laura voted him out. They also unknowingly flushed Erik's Idol.

Laura won immunity again, further halting Russell's plans for her ousting. Because he used his Idol at the previous Tribal Council, Laura voted for Russell. However, Russell shocked the Galu's when he played another Idol and one of Laura's closest allies, Kelly, was eliminated. Laura found herself in danger when she failed to win immunity. Russell put his plans to eliminate Laura into motion, while The Galu alliance chose to vote against Natalie to avoid a possible Idol. Monica also told the Foa Foa Four to vote for John to avoid them targeting Laura. The four didn't believe her and the vote was tied 5-5, with Laura and Natalie being deadlocked. The revote seemed to indicate a second tie, but John Fincher, in order to avoid drawing rocks, changed his vote to Laura so his fate was not determined by chance.

At the Final Tribal Council, Laura asked Russell H. what he learned about her that enabled him to beat her. All Russell H. said that Laura was the biggest threat and he had to vote her out. Unsatisfied with his answer, she voted for Natalie to be the Sole Survivor.

Voting History

Laura's Voting History
Episode Laura's
Voted Against
1 Galu Tribe Immune
2 Galu Tribe Immune
3 Galu Tribe Immune
4 Yasmin -
5 Galu Tribe Immune
6 No Vote
7 Galu Tribe Immune
8 Erik Individual Immunity
9 Russell H.1 Individual Immunity
10 Natalie;
Jaison, Mick, Natalie,
Russell H., Shambo;
Jaison, John, Mick,
Russell H., Shambo2
Voted Out, Day 27
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Tastes Like Chicken", Russell H. used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Laura's vote against him.
^2 In "The Day of Reckoning", the vote ended with a 5-5 tie between Laura and Natalie, forcing a revote. John changed his vote to Laura on the revote, eliminating her from the game.

Blood vs. Water

Laura went into the season believing that she and her daughter, Ciera Eastin, were going to have a great experience together, but this turned out to be very wrong as on Day 1, Jeff split the tribes by returning players and their loved ones. Laura was upset she was not able to be at Ciera's side and protect her. During the First Impressions vote, Laura received three votes against her from Candice Cody, Rupert Boneham, and Tyson Apostol, who all voted for her because they claimed they had no knowledge of her gameplay. However, the tables were turned on Candice, who was voted out of the tribe for the same reason, saving Laura from heading to Redemption Island.

Over the next few days, Colton Cumbie started to stir up conflict within the tribe just for his own satisfaction. Like the rest of the women on Galang, Laura had tried to console Colton after he poured out his feelings on Night 1, but after Colton's drama threw the tribe off their game, she didn't have the same feelings. On Day 7, when Galang headed to Redemption Island to witness the duel between Candice, Marissa Peterson, and Rachel Foulger, Colton finally gave up on the game and announced he was quitting. When Jeff asked the tribes about Colton's decision, Laura said that Colton was quitting because strategy was not in Colton's favor. Colton was brought to tears and left the game on Day 7 without competing at Redemption Island. No one at Galang showed any emotion about Colton leaving, including Laura. However, with Colton gone, the alliance of five that excluded Laura became more powerful and the next target was shifted to the two Laura's.

For the next few days, Galang would be safe as they won many Immunity Challenges, partially thanks to Laura's excellent puzzle-solving skills. Galang's winning streak came to an end when they lost the Day 13 Immunity Challenge, which Laura sat out of. Laura assumed the entire tribe was voting for Laura Boneham, due to not being a returning player, and thought she was in a tight alliance with Aras Baskauskas. However, Aras was actually a part of the Galang majority alliance that consisted of himself, Tina Wesson, Gervase Peterson, Monica Culpepper, and Tyson Apostol. Aras came up with a plan to blindside Laura M. because she would be able to defeat Brad Culpepper (Monica's husband) at Redemption Island, effectively preventing Monica from abandoning the majority alliance if Brad were to return at the merge. The alliance agreed and pulled in outsiders Kat Edorsson and former target Laura B. to vote out Laura M. At Tribal Council, the plan came to life and Laura M. was sent to Redemption Island in a 7-1 vote.

In her first duel at Redemption Island, Laura came in first place (defeating Brad) and chose to give a Hidden Immunity Clue to Aras' brother, Vytas Baskauskas, who immediately burned it. Afterwards, she would win the next duel and the final duel to reenter the game at the merge.

Laura was originally interested with the idea of forming a "Pairs Alliance" with her daughter as well as Aras, Vytas, Tina, and Katie Collins. However, Aras had other plans in mind, wanting to send her back to Redemption Island. He told the rest of his alliance about his plan to split the votes between herself and her daughter. Tyson, who along with Gervase and Monica had defected, relayed that information back to Laura and offered her a spot in a new alliance he formed. In true karmic fashion, Aras was sent to Redemption Island in a 7-2-2 vote at Tribal Council.

Laura stayed true to her alliance during the next votes, voting off Vytas Baskauskas and Tina Wesson. Laura hit a roadblock in "Big Bad Wolf". Being part of the only pair left in the game, Laura was in trouble, and because she was a bigger physical threat than her daughter, she was the most threatening. She took her daughter's advice to avoid talking strategy with anyone to avoid being targeted. Laura tried to stop Katie Collins from finding the Hidden Immunity Idol by hiding the sharp tools. Ciera pulled Laura aside to have a long talk about where they stood in the game. Ciera told Laura she was planning on voting Laura out to further herself in the game. Laura was disappointed about the fact that Ciera would vote for her, but was extremely proud of Ciera's courage, strength, and determination. After Laura failed to win Immunity she tried to convince her alliance to stick together and vote out alliance outsider, Katie, but at Tribal Council, Laura's rallying failed and everybody, including Ciera, voted for her, once again sending her to Redemption Island. Ciera hugs her mother apologizing for voting her out and Laura tells her she loves her.

After arriving on Redemption Island, Laura decided to trick Tina into pretending to be her daughter Katie by saying "Mom", scaring Tina, but Tina was relieved when she realized it wasn't Katie. Laura had a hard time defining how she felt about Ciera voting for her, but nonetheless she promised to do her best at Redemption Island. Laura stuck true to her promise, coming first in the next Duel. Laura made a game changing move when she told her rival Tina how to complete her puzzle, which lead to Tina overtaking and eliminating Vytas. Laura continued her Redemption Island dominance by coming first in the next two duels, all the while helping Tina stay in the game as well. This resulted in the eliminations of Caleb Bankston and Tina's daughter Katie Collins.

Laura made it all the way to the final Redemption Island duel, which was between herself, Tina, and Hayden Moss. The duel required balance and concentration. Laura initially struggled in the duel, not being able to keep her vase still. After Hayden dropped out, she began to struggle and begged Tina to let her win, but Tina politely declined. Tina remained solid and eventually Laura dropped her vase, eliminating her from the game. Before exiting, Laura was distraught and said that her Redemption Island dominance meant nothing because she was unable to pull off the final win. She thought her daughter, Ciera, would not be proud of her, but Ciera reassured her that she was proud of Laura. Still disappointed, Laura left the game as the sixth jury member finishing in sixth place.

As a juror, Laura cast her vote for Tyson Apostol to win, which he did in a 7-1-0 vote.

Voting History

Laura M.'s Voting History
Episode Laura M.'s
Voted Against
Laura M.
1 Candice Candice, Rupert, Tyson
Galang Tribe Immune
2 Galang Tribe Immune
3 Galang Tribe Immune
4 Galang Tribe Immune
5 Laura B. Aras, Gervase, Kat, Laura B.,
Monica, Tina, Tyson
Voted Out, Day 13
6 On Redemption Island
Returned, Day 19
8 Aras Aras, Vytas
9 Vytas -
Tina -
10 Katie Caleb, Ciera, Gervase, Hayden,
Katie, Monica, Tyson
Voted Out, Day 26
11 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • On January 9, 2010, Laura attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.[4]
  • Laura, a Republican, ran for a seat in the Oregon House of Representatives in the fall of 2016.[5] However, Laura ultimately lost the election.[6]


  • Laura is second of four Pacific Islander contestants to compete on Survivor. The first was Brad Virata and they would be followed by Laura's daughter, Ciera Eastin, and Rachel Ako.
  • Laura originally applied for The Amazing Race but was not chosen, and later was called to do Survivor instead.[7] Her intended partner was Jodi Wincheski, who competed on The Amazing Race 14.[8]
  • On both of her seasons:
    • She was voted out the second time she was eligible to be voted out, and received 10 votes up to that point.
    • She was the second woman voted out of the merged tribe.
  • Laura is the only woman to win individual immunity in Samoa, and the lowest placing Aiga member to do so.
  • Laura lost 13 lbs. during her time on Samoa.[9]
  • Laura is the first non-Cody to place first in a duel on Blood vs. Water.
  • Due to being on Redemption Island, Laura and John Cody are the first contestants to not participate in a Tribe Switch despite the season having one.
  • Laura is the first woman to return to the game from Redemption Island at the merge.
    • She is the first Redemption Island returnee to later survive a Tribal Council where they were eligible to be voted out.
  • Laura is currently the only castaway to receive an elimination vote from a loved one.
  • Laura is the first castaway to be voted out on Day 26.
  • Laura and her daughter, Ciera Eastin, were the last pair of active players left in the game in Blood vs. Water. Ironically, the two were permanently eliminated back to back after achieving this feat.
  • Laura holds the record for most Redemption Island duels won by a woman, with six.
  • Laura holds the record for the most days spent at Redemption Island by a woman, with 16 days.
    • She has spent the second-most days overall at Redemption Island, behind Matt Elrod's 28 days.
  • Laura is the only returning player from Samoa to place higher on their next season.
  • Laura is the third castaway to place 10th on their first outing, and then place 6th their next time out. Shii Ann Huang was the first, while Brenda Lowe was the second.


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