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Laumei is a tribe from Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets. Their tribe color is yellow.


Durão Mariano
28, Newlands East, KZN
Hotel Guest Liason
ZAS7 durao t.png
Geoffrey Cooke-Tonneson
33, Colenso, KZN
Home Loans Consultant
ZAS7 geoffrey t.png
Laetitia Le Roux
58, Randburg, GP
ZAS7 laetitia t.png
Mike Venter
21, Parkrand, GP
Radio Presenter
ZAS7 mike t.png
Mmaba Molefe
28, Plumstead, WC
Investment Analyst
ZAS7 mmaba t.png
Rocco van Rooyen
28, Stellenberg, WC
Pro Athlete
ZAS7 rocco t.png
Rose-Lee Smith
33, Paulshof, GP
Crime Scene Analyst
ZAS7 roselee t.png

 Durão Mariano
ZAS7 durao t.png
 Felix Godlo
ZAS7 felix t.png
 Jacques Burger
ZAS7 jacques t.png
 Rose-Lee Smith
ZAS7 roselee t.png
ZAS7 seipei t.png
 Tania Copeland
ZAS7 tania t.png




  • Laumei is the first South African tribe to be dissolved before the merge.


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