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Last Hero (Russian: Последний герой Poslednij geroj) is the Russian version of American reality showSurvivor. The first season premiered in 2001, with the final season ending on 1 March 2009.


The rules of the project can vary slightly from season to season, but in general, the basic principles remain unchanged. The group of participants is divided into 2 tribes (teams), which are left on different islands. Every 3 days, teams compete for a totem that gives the tribe immunity. The tribe that did not win the totem, should on the council choose by secret ballot a person who must leave the island. In addition, every 2 days the tribes compete among themselves for privileges - food, equipment, messages from the house, etc. After the total number of participants is cut in half, the tribes are united into one. This is preceded by negotiations between ambassadors from each tribe. Ambassadors choose on which of the two islands the united tribe will live and come up with a new name for it.

Competition and the struggle for win generated conflicts, conspiracies and splits in the tribes. Participants unite in alliances, coalitions, set up other participants against their uncomfortable people. After uniting the tribe, each participant fights individually for himself. In competitions, only one participant can win a totem (this means that the council against him will not be able to vote).

Only two (less than three) participants can pass to the final. In the finals is a completely different vote. Members of the united tribe, who had previously left the project, come to the council, and by their vote they choose "The Last Hero".


  • Last Hero 1 - 16 people were landed on an uninhabited island in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, on the border of Panama and Costa Rica. Hosting the first season was Sergei Bodrov.
  • Last Hero 2. Malaysia - Filming the second season of "The Last Hero" was held in Malaysia, near the island of Borneo. This time the "journey" went to 20 brave souls who needed to hold out on the uninhabited islands exactly 41 days. Participants are divided into the tribes "Elephants" and "Monkeys"
  • Last Hero 3 - In the third season ("The Last Hero 3: Staying Alive"), which was filmed in the Dominican Republic. The list of participants is represented by the stars of show business, actors, TV personalities and political figures.
  • Last Hero 4: The End of the game - In the fourth season, ten women and ten men find themselves on the uninhabited tropical coast somewhere between Panama and Costa Rica. A group of people is immediately divided into tribes on the basis of gender: the girls get into a tribe called "Iguana", and men - in the tribe "Scorpions". The composition of the participants is mixed, consisting of half of the stars, half of the representatives of the people.
  • Last Hero 5: Final - In the fifth season, most of the participants have already participated in previous seasons of the reality show. The second part of the participants - yesterday's graduates of the "World of Academy" - does not yet know what they will experience on the island, they think they are arriving at the resort. The composition of participants is again mixed: yesterday's manufacturers, participants of past years, as well as ordinary people take part. Participants are divided into the tribes "Stars" and "Heroes"
  • Heart of Africa - Unlike the Last Hero (where living conditions on an uninhabited island are mandatory), those who came to Africa were to live with the people of the Zulus.
  • Last Hero: Paradise - From November 16, 2008 to March 1, 2009, the "First Channel" featured the 6th season, where both stars and ordinary people took part. According to the creators of the project, "the conditions of the game became much more rigid and as far removed from human civilization." The scene of action is Panama. The composition of participants is mixed: stars and participants from the people - 21 people

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