Last Gasp is a challenge in Survivor.


The players must swim under a steel grate and stay above the water. As the tide rises, player will run out of breathing room. If the fear of drowning is too much, that person can bail out. The last person still in the grate wins the challenge.


This challenge debuted in Survivor: Palau as an Immunity Challenge. An additional stipulation noted that the first person to bail out of the challenge would be banished to Exile Island. Six minutes into the challenge, a cold and panicked Janu Tornell opted out of the challenge, and was the first person sent to Exile Island in Survivor history. Tom Westman won immunity, though his immunity had no effect due to Janu quitting the game at Tribal Council.

The challenge reappeared in Survivor: Micronesia as the first Immunity Challenge for the newly merged tribe Dabu. Ultimately, it came down to Jason Siska and Ozzy Lusth. Ozzy bailed out, giving Jason the immunity win.

The challenge was most recently used in Survivor: Caramoan, it was the second individual Immunity Challenge. After John Cochran, Eddie Fox, and Reynold Toepfer dropped out in succession, only Andrea Boehlke and Brenda Lowe remained. Eventually, Andrea opted out, making Brenda the only woman to win this challenge.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Exile Island"
Individual Immunity S10 tom t
Tom Westman
"I'm in Such a Hot Pickle!"
Individual Immunity S16 jason t
Jason Siska
"Cut Off the Head of the Snake"
Individual Immunity S26 brenda t
Brenda Lowe



  • This challenge was used in both seasons filmed in Palau.
  • This challenge was used in both Fans vs. Favorites seasons: Micronesia and Caramoan.
  • Erik Reichenbach is the only contestant to participate in this challenge twice. He lost the challenge both times.
  • Brenda Lowe is the first and currently only woman to win this challenge.
  • Both times the challenge was used on a merged tribe, the color was green.
    • Had a merge happened in Palau, the tribe color would have also been green.


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