Lairo is a tribe from Survivor: Island of the Idols.

Their tribe color is orange.


 Aaron Meredith
36, Warwick, RI
Gym owner
S39 aaron t
 Chelsea Walker
27, Los Angeles, CA
Digital content creator
S39 chelsea t
 Dean Kowalski
28, New York City, NY
Tech sales
S39 dean t
 Elaine Stott
41, Rockholds, KY
Factory worker
S39 elaine t
 Elizabeth Beisel
26, Saunderstown, RI
Olympic medalist
S39 elizabeth t
 Karishma Patel
37, Houston, TX
Personal injury lawyer
S39 karishma t
 Missy Byrd
24, Tacoma, WA
Air Force veteran
S39 missy t
 Ronnie Bardah
36, Henderson, NV
Pro poker player
S39 ronnie t
 Tom Laidlaw
60, Greenwich, CT
Former NHL player
S39 tom t
 Vince Moua
27, Palo Alto, CA
Admissions counselor
S39 vince t

 Dean Kowalski
S39 dean t
 Jack Nichting
S39 jack t
 Jamal Shipman
S39 jamal t
 Janet Carbin
S39 janet t
 Karishma Patel
S39 karishma t
 Kellee Kim
S39 kellee t
 Noura Salman
S39 noura t
 Tom Laidlaw
S39 tom t

Tribe History

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