Laetitia Le Roux is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets.


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Surname: Le Roux
Age: 58
Occupation: Nurse
From: Randburg, Johannesburg

At 58, Laetitia is the oldest castaway on Survivor South Africa, but even though she may seem like a typical Afrikaans granny she is much more than just the doting mother of five children and four grand children. Apart from being a unit manager in a subacute rehabilitation hospital, she has a remarkable CV. She boasts a master's degree in Nursing Education, attended to high-profile patients in Tripoli, Libya and competed in several endurance events! To top it off, all three of her sons are SA water polo players. Laetitia calls a spade a spade and can't stand what she calls lazy and stupid people as well as big mouths and know-it-alls who are just big bags of wind. This "Super Ouma" has been looking after others for all her life. She admits that Survivor SA is her opportunity to finally "do it for herself".[1]

Survivor South Africa

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Voting History

Laetitia's Voting History
Episode Laetitia's
Voted Against
1 Laumei Tribe Immune
2 Laumei Tribe Immune
3 Laumei Tribe Immune
4 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
5 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
6 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
7 Rocco -
8 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
9 Geoffrey -
10 Geoffrey -
11 Seipei -
12 Jacques -
13 Jacques -
14 Mmaba -
15 Jacques -
16 Mike -
17 Durão1 Rob1
18 Nicole Durão, Nicole, Rob
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Icarus", Laetitia used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating 1 vote against her. Also, Nicole used a Hidden Immunity Idol on Durão, negating Laetitia's vote against him.




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