Ladder Tree Golf (also known as Dizzy Gillespie, Chain Reaction, and True Grit) is a recurring physical challenge of Survivor. The challenge debuted in Survivor: One World and has since reappeared in Caramoan, Blood vs. Water, and Edge of Extinction.


Castaways must toss bolas and land them onto a pole target, similar to a game of ladder toss. The first tribe to get the required number of bolas onto the pole wins.

In its debut season, One World, the challenge instead required each castaway to toss one bola and attempt to land it on one of the rungs of the pole, numbered 1 to 5. The team with the highest total score wins.


In its debut in One World, the challenge was used as a Do-It-Yourself Challenge. Unlike later iterations of the challenge, each castaway was instead required to toss one bola and attempt to land it on one of the rungs of the pole, numbered 1 to 5, with the lowest rung being worth one point and the highest rung worth five points. The red team of Alicia Rosa, Jay Byars, Kat Edorsson, Tarzan Smith, and Troyzan Robertson outscored the black team 6-1 to win reward.

In Caramoan, the challenge was used as the family visit challenge, where each castaway teamed with their loved one to unscrew three rails to be used as the rungs of the pole. The first pair to land three bolas onto their pole would win. In a close challenge, Brenda Lowe and her father, Raymond, narrowly beat out Dawn Meehan and her husband, David, and Sherri Biethman and her husband, Jared, to win reward.

The challenge was used in Blood vs. Water as a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge. Four members of each tribe were chained and shackled into a build. Once they have released themselves, each tribe must race through an obstacle course with their ankles still chained together and collect bags of balls and chains. The last member must then assembly five bolas using the balls and chains and attempt to land them onto the pole. The first tribe to land three bolas onto their pole would win. After a tight and physical challenge between the two tribes, Tyson Apostol of Tadhana barely edged out Tina Wesson of Galang in landing the last bola, winning reward and immunity for Tadhana and sending Galang back to Tribal Council.

The challenge was again used in Edge of Extinction as a Reward Challenge where tribes had to race through an obstacle course, collecting four bolas along the way. Each member would then be required to land a bola onto the pole. The first two tribes to get all four bolas on their pole win. Lesu fell behind early on while attempting to retrieve their bolas, giving Kama, followed by Manu, ample time to land all four bolas onto their respective targets to each win reward.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
One World
"Go Out with a Bang"
Team Reward
(Do-It-Yourself Challenge)
S24 alicia tS24 jay t
S24 kat tS24 tarzan tS24 troyzan t
Alicia, Jay, Kat, Tarzan, & Troyzan
"Don't Say Anything About My Mom"
Individual Reward
(Family Visit)
S26 brenda t
Brenda Lowe
Blood vs. Water
"Swoop In for the Kill"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S27 aras tS27 caleb tS27 ciera t
S27 gervase tS27 hayden tS27 tyson t
Edge of Extinction
"It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever"
Tribal Reward S38 aurora tS38 joe t
S38 julia tS38 julie tS38 ron t
S38 aubry tS38 eric t
S38 gavin tS38 victoria tS38 wendy t



  • Although Colton Cumbie, Kat Edorsson, and Monica Culpepper have competed in two seasons where this challenge occurred, none of them have ever competed in this challenge twice.
    • Kat only competed in this challenge in One World, while Monica only competed in this challenge in Blood vs. Water. Colton has never competed in this challenge.


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