The La Mina Alliance was the majority alliance in the post-Tribe Shuffle La Mina in Survivor: Panama. It was comprised of the men from the new La Mina tribe after the Tribe Shuffle, Sally Schumann joining the alliance as an affiliate during the merge due to necessity. While the alliance gained control of the tribe after the Tribe Shuffle, they were systematically picked off one by one at the merge, with only Terry Deitz being the sole representative in the Final 3 due to his immunity streak and his Hidden Immunity Idol posing as a threat to the Casaya Alliance.



The alliance was originally formed by Dan Barry and Terry Deitz, who recruited Nick Stanbury and Austin Carty in order to target Misty Giles. After that, the alliance stuck together and voted out Ruth Marie Milliman at the following Tribal Council. It originally consisted of all the men until Sally was recruited as a member following the merge into the Gitanos tribe.

Turning On Each Other

After losing the Immunity Challenge on Day 15, the tribes learned of another twist: A member of the losing tribe would be sent to Exile Island and be granted Immunity from Tribal Council. The Casaya members all chose Sally, who was the La Mina Alliance's next target. Terry ultimately sided with the younger men and took out Dan, his closest friend.


The two tribes merged into Gitanos. However, the Alliance entered into the merge at a 6-4 disadvantage, which would prove to be against them as Nick, Austin, and Sally were systematically taken out at consecutive Tribal Councils.

Last Man Standing

Terry was the last man standing for the La Mina Alliance due to his impressive Individual Immunity streak. After Bruce Kanegai was medically evacuated, Terry's wins forced the Casaya Alliance to turn on each other and take out Courtney Marit and Shane Powers. Terry lost the Immunity Challenge at the Final 4, but wasn't a target since the 3 remaining Casaya members knew of his Hidden Immunity Idol. Making the Final 3, the odds were stacked against Terry, and he ultimately lost a crucial Immunity Challenge to his supposed Final 2 partner, Danielle DiLorenzo. Terry was betrayed by Danielle, despite him having spared her at the previous Tribal Council.


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